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  • -Car top boat weight? I'm trying to design / build a sailboat to explore Casco bay and the New meadows aria. I have settled on a 12 foot flat bottom stitch and glue skiff. However, if I build out of 5.2 mm plywood at 20 lbs per sheet, then by the time I add air boxes and decks to make the hull stiff and buoyant, adding glass and glue it is close to 100 lbs. I am 72" and 200 lbs...
    eep_05 Feb 8, 2008
  • hate to dispel your illusion but soy is evil and most organic is soaked in diesel by the time you get it, better to get local produce when it is in season at least. http://www.soyonlineservice.co.nz/ and you cant make a boat out of it either. --- In bolger@^$1, "graeme19121984" wrote: > > > > & green, green, green > > Organic soy? ;) or Amazon rainforest :( & GMO?? :+0! > > Graeme...
    eep_05 Feb 2, 2008
  • Hello, So I'm trying to decide on a sail boat to build. Something is the 10 – 12 foot range, will row fairly well, and can be carried on a roof rack. I would like a free standing rig, possibly with 2 masts as a sort of cat-yawl (like a micro). Current ideas for a hull form are: Puddle Duck, Sharpie, or a shallow v stitch and glue. PDR, as far as I know, none have been built in...
    eep_05 Jan 16, 2008
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  • What is the smallest boat that could be built to reliably support a full ship rig? including a crows nest?
    eep_05 Aug 15, 2006