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  • I have mostly switched to the payson joint after trying several styles over the years
    djsaprophet@... Jan 9
  • MOST OF THE Bolger boats I have built I built by using the plans in various books MABIB and all his other books most were adapted to the crabbing /trapping I use these boat for
    djsaprophet@... Jan 9
  • this is probably the tack I will take I have built several bolger boats that turned out well even after SLIGHT MODS LIKE A 14 FOOT WORKSKIFF :) instead of a 15"6" one just had ta "WIGGLE" THE SEATS/THWARTS A LITTLE
    djsaprophet@... Jan 9
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  • Has anyone ever added a foot or 3 to skimmer by simply adding a butt jointed extra pannel to the back end of either side and of course not building a "zipper" into the boat thanks guys
    djsaprophet@... Jan 7
  • Is Harold Payon's group still selling the smaller plans
    david johnson Sep 13, 2014
  • Where did the plans come from if it is the one Jim Michalick built I always wanted to build one . Phil has quiet the following here in Hampton roads Va area I have never had a hard time selling a well built boat , the conversations they start up out on the water is incredible
    djsaprophet@... Jul 11, 2014
  • Is there a table of offsets available somewhere on this design? The profile almost looks like super brick shortened :)
    djsaprophet@... Feb 8, 2014
  • Breakdown punt is probably what you are thinking of the only wheelbarrow type boat i RECALL WAS BY HOWARD CHAPPEL i THINK WAS IN HIS BOAT BUILDING BOAT MAY ALSO BEEN JOHN GARDENER
    djsaprophet@... Jan 23, 2014
  • I have never sold copies of any plans that would be wrong it is not your property to sell I have built more then one copy of a boat from a book and used it and found what I did not like I sold the first one and improved the second one I have been of the opinion for quiet some time now if a person cannot build any of the skiffs from just the book they should not be building LOL the...
    apraphett777 Jun 5, 2013
  • the same type of key that was in the Queen Mab plans, are in all the books I have by PhilI have all but the Novel a step by step numbering of the parts etc I also have the Payson books as well all a very good education in boat building Cheers Pal --- In bolger@^$1, "mason smith" wrote: > > What Phil and Susanne call keys are not in the books, to my knowledge. You > have to get the...
    apraphett777 May 28, 2013