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Re: Dovekie

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  • Jake Millar
    ... what the ... made. ... sail/hull ... Hi Chris, I ve had my Dovekie for several years now and I absolutely love it! I know my opinion is heavily biased but
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 2, 2001
      --- In bolger@egroups.com, Chris Crandall <crandall@u...> wrote:
      > In re-reading the Folding Schooner, it occurs to me that I would
      > quite like to own a Dovekie.
      > Do people know how many are normally available, and especially,
      what the
      > going rate for one in good condition is?
      > Also, I know that as production progressed, design changes were
      > What should I look for, and if possible, do people know the
      > numbers that are most desirable?
      > CO'D tells me that a BUC (Bolger Unit Currency) = 1 Dovekie = $5000.
      > Is this true?
      Hi Chris,
      I've had my Dovekie for several years now and I absolutely
      love it! I know my opinion is heavily biased but I think it's about
      the best shallow water camp/cruiser ever.
      They come around for sale once in awhile. Average prices are
      between $4000 - $6000 depending on condition and equipment included.
      You're right about changes made to the boats over the years. Any boat
      from 1984 on had all the changes/improvements in place. That would be
      the fiberglass gallows, bow centerboard, better cockpit seats, wider
      leeboards, and the deck has recessed drains and fiberglass
      hatchcovers for the center and forward hatches(for trailering and
      storage). Most of the older boats have been kept up pretty well by
      caring owners so you can find an older boat in great shape also.
      If you go to The Shallow Water Sailors webpage at-
      You'll find alot of info on Dovekie and some of the other boats that
      sail with us (Shearwaters, Martha Janes, Bay Hens, Sea Pearls). If
      you e-mail Ken (the editor of the newsletter) he might be able to let
      you know of any boats for sale.
      If there's any more questions I can answer for you about the
      Dovekie you can e-mail me at gunkholer@...
      Jake Millar
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