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[bolger] Re: Idaho?

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  • Donald Hodges
    Joe, Chuck Leinweber (on this list) has built Tennessee, and may jump in and answer some of your questions... (help, Chuck!). I only know Tennessee has a bit
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 4, 1999

      Chuck Leinweber (on this list) has built Tennessee, and may jump in and
      answer some of your questions... (help, Chuck!).

      I only know Tennessee has a bit of rocker toward the stern, and is
      advertised for low-hp (9.9 typically) engines. This makes her pretty much a
      displacement boat with some extra speed potential for being light and
      narrow. That's 7 knots plus the light/narrow factor, I would guess 8.5-9.0
      knots (9.8 - 10.4 mph).

      I have built a few small boats (and bought or studied more than I will
      admit!), and a real planing hull is almost flat to even a bit "hooked" at
      the stern in order to keep them more level and minimize the bow-up plowing
      that precedes rising to plane. Big power boats use hydraulic trim plates to
      hook the bottom going up to plane, then trim toward flat for cruising on
      plane. For a simple boat like Tennessee, flat is probably close enough to
      give her some planing potential if enough power is installed. Rule of thumb
      here is one hp per 50 to 100 lb weight. If we assumed 75 lb/hp for
      Tennessee and 1500 lb, we are at 20 hp just to sustain planing, and probably
      35 hp needed to acheive planing initially. Based on Gregg's experience with
      the Sneakeasy (which is flat) I'm probably still a bit optimistic. BUT, I
      have said I would settle for 11-12 knots (12.6 - 13.8 mph) or so with two
      aboard if not redlining the engine and just plowing along.

      So, I'll just leave the question out here: has anyone clocked a Tennessee
      with 25 hp installed, "stock" or with a flat bottom?

      Don Hodges
      Lynn Haven, FL

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      Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 11:08 PM
      Subject: [bolger] Re: Idaho?

      > Thanks, Don, you ended my search! I also discvered that the beam of
      > Idaho is only 63". Limits your interior options, not to mention the
      > aesthetics.
      > I notice Tennessee carries 72" of beam. What kind power/speed
      > properties are expected as she's drawn? What's your goal in the bottom
      > mod?
      > Joe Bradford
      > Henderson, KY
      > <007e01bedd25$3b504f80$cbb14d0-@default> wrote:
      > original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/bolger/?start=70
      > > I'm not sure whats going on with the "Common Sense" outfit, but last
      > time I
      > > looked, there was some Idaho material at www.common-sense-boats.com .
      > > www.common-sense-designs.com is closed.
      > >
      > > Don Hodges
      > > Lynn Haven, FL
      > >
      > > (BTW, Gregg, I'm taking another look at Tennesee as a project - do
      > you know
      > > if the side planks are 3/8? I'm looking into MDO and it doesn't come
      > any
      > > thinner than 3/8 inch. Also, any thoughts on taking out the rocker
      > aft and
      > > going to about 25 hp for Tennessee for maybe 15-18 mph?)
      > >
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      > > Sent: Saturday, July 31, 1999 4:06 PM
      > > Subject: [bolger] Idaho?
      > >
      > >
      > > > I am trying to ind the plans, or the colection of plans that
      > include, P.
      > > > Bolger's "Idaho" design. Can anyone out there help me?
      > > >
      > > >
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