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  • bradford raby
    ... From: bradford raby Subject: Topaz and updates I am forewarding to the group some letters sent to others on the side so that
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      Subject: Topaz and updates
      I am forewarding to the group some letters sent to others on the side so that these fixes can be shared with those of you who are about to build and are interested.  This is not to discourage anyone, but just problems that can be avoided and or over come.  Oddly, my most troublesome problem was overcome with a one cent piece of flexible plastic on a handle.  I will foreward at least one other letter as well.
      The latest on my rework of the lower engine mount bolts.  If you use a large engine such as the honda 75 which is great, you will have the two lower mount bolts spending time below water.  Excuse me if I already mentioned that.  the fix is to hang your motor, drill the holes and remove the motor.  Now if you have already glassed and built in everything at the transom as I did, you will need to cut access holes to get back in now.  I would suggest cutting access from the area of the gas tank which of course means you will have to have a removable lid that closes this area. Also before both tanks are installed. Now put the bolts pointing outward so the nuts are put on from the outside.  Use 5200 at the heads and then make up a thick epoxy mash and glass over these heads to hold into place and prevent any water from seeping in.  Later use 5200 around where they come through on the outside.  I am just now finishing this fix.
      If you use a side mount engine control which I think you must.  It will need to be about seat height and a little to the rear.  What this causes is, the hand wrapping down slightly onto the side of the handle when going into reverse.  No amount of practice will prevent this.  The result is when comming into a dock and needing to backdown, the engine will raise up out of the water as the up button is right where the meat of the thumb wraps over.  A bad design.  This has occurred several times with me and also my wife who has smaller hands.  My expensive first prop is now going into repair due to this already.  The fix came to me the other night which I did.  Simple.  I wrapped a heavy piece of plastic over the top of the handle, extending it in an eyebrow out and over the up-down control.  Thus I cannot accidentally actuate the up button.  I need to be deliberate now to use it which worked great yesterday.
      While on the subject, you will get a meter telling where your engine is as to tilt.  However, this only shows a small amount.  Then you may want to tilt further up, but if going to far, you will hit the sides or the swim platform.  I just made, but not installed yet, two alarms (lights).  These will be actuated by mercury switches mounted within the engine cowling.  Take an older thermostat which you can get from a heating contractor and tear it apart using the two wires to run the circuit through.....the top most position is to prevent me from mashing the bottom of the swim platform and the next down is to hold the boarding ladder into place.  It rests onto the prop hub very nicely.  Better raise the ladder and lower the engine before staring however or there will be some bad noise.
      Just re-read your letter.  The top part ahead of the motor board is freeflooding and scuppers are drilled in.  The prob is the closed area below which I mentioned above.  I did not mention, but I am putting two PVC pipes down into this area before closing.  These will have a screen and a loop down allowing air into and out and also a way to vacuum water out if any get down there in the future. You are right though, a little glycol in here would help.
      I think I mentioned in some letters to the group about using heavy PVC pipe warped around and under the cutwater, set into epoxy and screwed down.  This will give you a bullet proof  bow to jam onto any rocky beach.  If you did not read this let me know as you will wear off any fiberglass and be into the wood within several beachings.  Be back and happy building.   Brad
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