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Re: [bolger] Barnacle bottom cleaning

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  • Jim Pope
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2000
      Jim Goeckermann wrote:

      > Who has some cleaning experience here? Should I soak it first? Any of the
      > commercial cleaners worth using, or just elbow grease?
      > Thanks for any suggestions.
      > Jim
      >> Hi Jim
      > Some time ago, I had an inflatable dinghy tied off in my slip in a Boston marina.
      > At the end of the season the dinghy, an inflatable, had grown a beard all over the
      > bottom and barnacles had begun to grow on the boat. I had no choice but to avoid
      > the hard scraping etc. that was the prescribed old salt solution.
      > Instead, I pulled the dinghy out of the water and left it out for about a week,
      > long enough for all the growth to die.
      > The next step in the process was to put the boat back in the water for just long
      > enough that the dead stuff could get good and soft, two days, more or less.
      > Then, on hauling the skiff and turning it over to expose the bottom, work with a
      > hose and a fairly gentle brushing cleaned off all of it, barnacles, growth and
      > all.
      > I don't know whether or not that procedure would work on your fiberglass hull, but
      > it was easy on my boat and on me too. I know that its traditional to scrub and
      > scrape in hard manly fashion but this multi step, somewhat long, process seemed to
      > do the job.
      > Jim

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