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Re: [bolger] Dilemma about my Topaz Spyder

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  • Tom
    Bruce, You re in PDX right? i might have space for you in the yard I just bought near Gresham, at least for a year or so. Tom Sent from my iPhone
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 23, 2013

      You're in PDX right?  i might have space for you in the yard I just bought near Gresham, at least for a year or so.


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      On Aug 23, 2013, at 2:45 PM, Harry James <welshman@...> wrote:



      What book was the Topaz in?

      On 8/23/2013 9:24 AM, BruceHallman wrote:
      > I have an interesting predicament, which other boat nuts around here
      > might share. And, I am curious to hear your feedback.
      > As many of you know, I spent a couple years (mostly enjoyment)
      > building a Bolger Topaz Spyder. I got it 98% complete, never
      > launched. The biggest piece of work remaining, really the only
      > significant piece of unfinished work is the electrical work which is
      > primarily the installation of the console gauges of the Honda 90
      > outboard.
      > http://www.hallman.org/TopazSpyder/
      > Anyway, I got laid off during the 2009 recession for a few months. I
      > got hired back and my life is now great, but a zillion other projects
      > are lined up and truth be told my Spyder is languishing sitting on
      > some pavement in a nearby boatyard.
      > I would love to finish her and see her in action, but then again, I
      > have tons of other things to do with my time.
      > The boat yard called yesterday and said they want use that space for
      > other things and starting October 1st, I need to find another boat
      > yard.
      > So, I am torn, move her to another boat yard, or sell her.
      > What are your thoughts about this dilemma?
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