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Re: [bolger] Phil Bolger & Friends design # 676 "AS 34"

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  • phil.bolger
    I’ve been obsessed with her as well... A heavier-duty variation on the initial AS-theme, with an abler but more complex bow added. She is one of three
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 26, 2013
      I’ve been obsessed with her as well...
      A heavier-duty variation on the initial AS-theme, with an abler but more complex bow added.

      She is one of three global-duty (no extensive ice duty !) center-/off-center boarder live-aboards.  Unlike the first AS-types these are much more substantial propositions in terms of scantlings, relative carrying-capacity and 4-season habitability – our ‘rigorous treatment on a near-unlimited shallow-draft, very solid structure live-aboard single-handers with 2/4/6 berths available depending.
      Design #667 at 39’11” x 10’2” x 1’10” is indeed a near 40-foot larger sister to AS-34.  She is around 20,000lbs, with one version laid out around an amidships wheel-house, stern-cabin, stern-ramp for hard power-skiff, with a fully-battened PERIAUGER/Cat-Schooner rig, still w/ optional outboard-power like AS-34.
      Those plans are much further along than AS-34.

      As a final reference there is #668 at 50’ x 12’6” x 2’ x 28,000lbs DOUBLE SLOOP or PERIAUGER equally well-developed towards completion around a somewhat looser layout for two/four, inboard-diesel power, sizable stern-ramp for a hard skiff plus rowing/sailing-craft.

      I will run both in MAIB later this summer.

      One of the many losses with Phil’s death has been their state of incompletion since they are potent conceptual contributions to the discussion of ‘high-performance’ long-range liveaboards.

      Alas, we eventually had lost near all ‘productivity’.  Then I was ‘laid up’ for a fair bit.  And since then socked-in with too many must-dos to get things on track again.  Plus of course the Navy-project that on the one hand went ‘sideways’ in so many aspects and took so much longer eventually ‘single-handing it’ and yet is already a successful unambiguous demonstration of design- and construction-approaches Phil and then both of us pushed further.  More on her later.

      So, progress is being made.  Health is improving.  And the path towards completing these three designs is conceptually straight-forward on this end - if someone wants whichever size.
      First, keep reading MAIB...

      Fredrick, you may want to contact me privately at philbolger@... .

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F

      Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 4:34 PM
      Subject: [bolger] Phil Bolger & Friends design # 676 "AS 34"

      Hi all,

      This is my first post on this forum. Bob Hicks was very kind and sent me a copy of the article about Phil Bolger & Friends design # 676 "AS 34". Since then I have been completely obsessed and this is a boat that I have to build during my life. As I understand it, there is no finished drawing of the AS 34 and the article was based on a sketch. As a novice, I wonder if this would take a long time and cost a lot of money to get complete drawings of the AS 34? At the end of the article it is suggested that there is a sister ship to the AS 34 named # 667. I wonder if it has been published further information on this project?


      Fredrik Jeppsson

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