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Re: FL120 2010 Pic - On Bolger Sweet Pea lines. Ya don't say? Hmmm..

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  • Bob Johnson
    I was interested to see this adaptation of the Sweet Pea lines also, as I think it is very close to PCB s Plywood Canoe Yawl. In Phil s write-up for the PCY,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2013
      I was interested to see this adaptation of the Sweet Pea lines also, as
      I think it is very close to PCB's Plywood Canoe Yawl. In Phil's
      write-up for the PCY, he states that it would possibly be a better boat
      if the V bottom was chopped off.
      The Sweet Pea hull shape is about what you would get if you did this.
      I have long thought that a scale up of the Sweet Pea lines to the
      dimensions of the PCY, and rigged and fitted out as a canoe yawl would
      be a great little gunkholer. The success of Merlin seem to indicate
      that this would be so.

      And Ross, also check out _Holmes of the Humber_ if you haven't already;
      it's got a lot of info on Holmes and Strange and their boats.


      > Re: FL120 2010 Pic - On Bolger Sweet Pea lines. Ya don't say? Hmmm..
      > Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:35 am (PDT) . Posted by:
      > "Ross" baysidewoodenboats
      > C.Ruzer,
      > I'm interested in any more information. I have long been taken by the
      > lines of "Sweet Pea", and to make things worse (or better??), I have
      > just received my copy of the book, "Albert Strange on Yacht Designing,
      > Construction, and Cruising". Just think about "Cherub II" and > "Sheila".
      > You can get me at "r dot lillistone (at) gmail dot com" or I can
      > contact you if preferred.
      > Phil Bolger was, and still is, my most important teacher, despite the
      > wealth of information out there from which we can all benefit written
      > by others.
      > Ross Lillistone
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "c.ruzer" <c.ruzer@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > "Merlin" a 23' 1.5x scale-up of "Sweet Pea"
      > >
      > > About Merlin: <SNIPPED COMMENTS>
      > > "looks great"
      > > "sails great"
      > > "class act of the fleet"
      > > "knock out"
      > > "going to windward like a train"
      > > "a big, ballasted centerboard and a big square fixed rudder on a
      > skeg"
      > > "drew around 18-22" with the board up and that was at the rudder"
      > > "may have had some additional internal ballast"
      > > "rudder and skeg appeared to be ~1/4" flat aluminum plate"
      > > "~6hp Tohatsu in a well mounted forward of the rudder"
      > > "Rig is a wooden mast, owner-built, in a tabernacle. It's a simple
      > rig, four stays with no spreaders"
      > > "big low-aspect main and what looks to be a ~115% masthead jib on
      > hanks. Not complicated at all."
      > > "used Bolger's lines for the hull shape and designed everything else
      > himself"
      > > "The cabin is completely open at the aft end, making the cabin and
      > cockpit one continuous space. The hard dodger could have plastic
      > windows fitted to enclose everything in case of cold or wet. She had
      > two good berths, a small galley with sink and stove, and that's about
      > all I remember."
      > > "Only criticism I have of the build is minor: He used plain old sand
      > to make the decks non-skid. And non-skid they are! But they would be
      > hard one's bare feet and knees if you liked to sail that way.
      > Otherwise, I'd say Merlin is about as close to perfect as you could
      > get. I just found my notes and Merlin's builder is David Ware of
      > Rockport, Texas. Really nice fellow and very patient to explain about
      > his boat."
      > >
      > > http://cultofku.com/imagehost/images/57129890730403507571.jpg
      > > from
      > >
      > http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?127297-Talk-me-out-of-
      > Michalak-s-
      > Frolic2&s=e878c0b59ca3730fcd9120c8562c0728&p=2894903#post2894903
      > >
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