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Re: [bolger] what is wolfpack design about?

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  • phil.bolger
    The concept-study we called Wolfpack we wrote up as a back-country go-fast transport for a hunting-party in shallow riverine waters. Her only steering
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      The concept-study we called 'Wolfpack' we wrote up as a 'back-country' go-fast transport for a hunting-party in shallow riverine waters.  Her only steering though is with the jet-pump's nozzle aft.  There is no bow-rudder on her.

      There is just one Novel of Phil's that has been printed called 'Schorpioen' - an unusual phantasy about Southern Africa, set in an alternate universe.
      There are however several manuscripts for books on his and later our designs.  These manuscripts are gradually moving towards publication.

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F
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      I went to hallaman.org and loooked at the design there it seems to be an enclosed jet boat with bow steering? wondering what the intended uses for a design that I found very striking.

      also are there any more word on possable publication of Mr Bolgers novels? think it was saiad to be around 4 in the files of PB & F? thankyou and best wishes to youall

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