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RE: [bolger] Micro, Micro II, Micro Navigator

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  • Mason Smith
    I ve still got two nice Micros, one finished one not, and would ideally sell the unfinished one. If I sell my Pelican, the finished one, I would be tempted to
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      I’ve still got two nice Micros, one finished one not, and would ideally sell the unfinished one. If I sell my Pelican, the finished one, I would be tempted to switch masts and booms, since I just made new ones, and sails and trailer, which I like better, and then finish the unfinished one for myself. ---Mason


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      I'm looking for a project and have plans for a Micro and Long Micro but would rather buy one partially complete.  Your thoughts?

      Steve Statkus

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      I'm poring over Phil's drawings for the tabernacles and Chinese gaff sails on the Micro Ii and Navigator, thinking that I might complete Charles McCabe's Micro (which I just bought and would sell or complete for a customer, if found) as either a Micro II or Navigator, for myself. That might be the shortest distance between me and semi-serious cruising capability. Would love advice and commentary from people with experience of these boats and rigs. 

      Questions and observations for comment:

      • A regular Micro, given the tabernacle of Micro II but keeping her leg-o'-mutton rig, would have her mast a few inches forward and without rake. This would move the CE forward and her clew upward, to the detriment of the sheeting angle. Doesn't seem a great idea, especially for the high clew.  What do folks think of that option?
      • The Chinese gaff rig for Micros has so much more sail area! 210 ft vs 89ft! What do you make of that? I know it can be reefed easily. Is it assumed you reef in 10 knots? My standard Micro does hull speed or more with that much air and almost never needs reefing. Is all that sail just to have more speed in light air? 
      • The Chinese gaff's center of effort is way forward of the standard rig's. What's the result? Does it balance equally well? Is the mizzen much more in play?
      • The CE is also way higher. With all that horsepower higher up, is Micro's great stability far more challenged? Is the Navigator as wonderfully secure-feeling as the standard Micro?
      • It looks as though the C-gaff main is much better sheeted in Navigator than in Micro II, with one sheet to the cabin-top. 
      • Anybody try the bottom fillet? I might try it on my standard Micro, because the slap is really something in that boat.

      I didn't get a building and rigging key, if there is one, with the plans from Charles. Am asking Susanne for one, and will get the later version of Small Boat Rigs which has Phil's essay on the Chinese gaff, not present in 100 SBR.

      Basically it looks to me as though Navigator would be the way to go to get the full benefit of the rig. It looks as though Navigator would be very comfortable and convenient. Not dealing with sprit-booms would be nice. Just dropping those sails in their lazyjacks and hoisting them quickly at will would be so nice. Going forward within the cabin to the bow well would be nice, all but ducking under the forward window.  Sleeping in the cabin, nice. Bookshelves!  Dressers! The stern is now open, I think? Better for my Honda 7.5. It's really tempting. But I want to hear from people with experience, please.

      And, again, I would love to complete this Micro for a customer, whichever way, if a customer is out there. This is supposed to be a business too.




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