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Re: Anybody use Roseburg "Marine Plywood"? (fir-ply checking - MDO as solution?)

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    On my first plywood boat I fell for the myth that simply coating it with epoxy would keep it from checking. Huh! After that I glass everything. Hull,
    Message 1 of 21 , Dec 25, 2012
      On my first plywood boat I fell for the myth that simply coating it with epoxy would keep it from checking. Huh! After that I glass everything. Hull, superstructure, everything. No more problems. It may cost more to start with, but the reduced maintenance is worth it to me as I am not one of those people who love working on the boat more than being out using it! I love building, but the maintenance after,not! At this point in life I am wishing I had an all aluminum boat so I could totally ignore everything.

      > I'm with John on this in that I used marine grade fir ply ( maunufacturer unknown, purchased in
      > Vancouver, Canada) . I coated it with epoxy but no fabric, followed with a polyurethane (I think).
      > The checking set in shortly thereafter. I have sanded down to the point where the black glue between
      > layers is discoloring the deck. A new coat of epoxy plus f/g fabric will hopefully prevent further
      > checking. Varnish to follow when the weather warms up. The checking is a pain...
      > Dennis
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      > > Roseburg Forest Products is a pretty good manufacturer of plywood. The
      > > Toledo Boathouse just built a Michalak skiff using their AC exterior
      > > plywood and it looked good, even seemed to have Doug fir for the core (I
      > > remember when the workers from the plywood mill (now defunct) down the
      > > road from a biker bar I hung out in got all scandalized when they started
      > > putting cottonwood core plies in their fir plywood! <g>). I don't recall
      > > seeing any Roseburg marine plywood, but it's probably as good as any fir
      > > marine plywood these days. Doug fir is more rot resistant than okoume and
      > > the glue used in marine and exterior fir plywood is phenol formaldehyde,
      > > about as waterproof as you can get, but the standards for American
      > > "marine" plywood have been watered way down. :o( There will probably be a
      > > few interior voids in each sheet, and several "football" patches in the
      > > face plies. But the biggest problem with fir plywood is that it checks if
      > > you don't sheathe it with fiberglass. The checking seems worse nowadays
      > > than it used to be, probably because of stresses in the veneers from being
      > > peeled from smaller trees. <shrug> Checking doesn't seem to affect the
      > > life of a boat, but is unsightly, and _looks_ like it oughta be bad. But
      > > there are plenty of old plywood boats around that were never sheathed with
      > > fiberglass. <shrug> A boat built with Roseburg marine plywood will
      > > probably be plenty durable enough.
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      > > http://www.roseburg.com/
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