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Re: [bolger] Teal-ish thoughts

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  • Christopher Wetherill
    What about Windsprint or Pirate Racer? V/R Chris
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 18, 2012
      What about Windsprint or Pirate Racer?


      podowitz <podowitz@...> wrote:

      >Stumbled into this month's recent Teal thread; wanted to ask about Teal and felt I'd have to search for any comments. Bam!
      >Anyway, some years ago I built a Teal but modified her, largely by eye, to have a stern transom. She remained nearly double ended at the bottom (abt 4" wide), but about two feet in beam across the curved top of the transom. Her sides were 24" instead of the intended 16. Burdensome little boat; rowed very nicely, although I never set her up to sail.
      >I think I'd like to build another boat patterned on Teal, but longer and wider, say 15 ft with a beam of 4'6" or 4,10" on a full 4' beam at the chines. Bow and stern cut angles would remain the same and the main frame would be wider. I'd probably make the transom wider at the bottom, more in line with Stambaugh's Windward 15. Same instant-boat-style construction, which is why I (anad my simple simon skills) like the idea.
      >I'm guessing these changes would give her a slightly more pronounced rocker, but not so much as to impede performance. I'm not a designer, nor an engineer, so I'm inviting comment.
      >Anybody? Thanks!
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