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Re: Old Shoe-type MICRO ?

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  • dennislancaster789
    What it like to sail an Old Shoe? Since I own one, guess I can offer a report on that. First thoughts that come to mind are a full keel cruising sailboat in
    Message 1 of 54 , Sep 4, 2012
      What it like to sail an Old Shoe? Since I own one, guess I can offer a report on that. First thoughts that come to mind are a full keel cruising sailboat in a 12ft package. Boat is easy on the helm.. not to light... but 'easy'.... no surprizes. She has a nice motion, but like the Micro, big waves can stop her going to weather. She stays on her feet, no matter where you sit.. no tenderness... nice solid feel. Boat flys off the wind (tempted to fly a chute and see what happens). She will point, but does suffer from leeway with that shallow keel.. she really could use lee rails or a centerboard. When coming about, she does not spin on her keel... she "wears" around and as a result she falls off to recover way (course, that may be my sailing technique causing that)..she is indeed an "armchair" sailboat.. with her high freeboard and that fact that you sit down in her, you have a natural back rest and tons of room in that huge cockpit... pure bless actually.. she can put you to sleep on a sunny day. No winches to fuss with, no heavy loads, no boom to whack your head... tacking is simply "helm over" and away you go. Because of her large cockpit size, she is a social boat.. fun to take friends on a quiet spin. She is not a high performance boat.. so forget it, if that is what you are looking for.. The boat will surprize you with bursts of speed and is a delight to others watching you... she does draw attention. Just be prepared to take your time and have fun!



      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, John Boy <t1ro2003@...> wrote:
      > Bruce said about the SCAMP, "(Making it pretty, but not as hydrodynamic.)."
      > That boat IS a chick magnet.  Mike and I sailed past some weekend racers during the FL120, you know the ones with the $10k plus suit of kevlar sails on a J something, the bikini clad rail meat hollered out, "Love your cute boat!"  I was thinking, "Love your..." anyway.  It attracted women in the hotel parking lot and the burger joint too.  Mike says it even attracts bikers. Don't know why about the bikers.
      > BTW Somebody started this thread comparing an Old Shoe and a SCAMP.  I generously provided my take on the SCAMP (I really can't shut up).  How about a sailing report on the Old Shoe?  I think it would be pretty functional and a good boat.
      > Just saying,
      > John Boy
      > I have a blog!  http://toon2sailor.blogspot.com/
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      > > c.ruzer says “I don't see how 12ft x 5ft Scamp covers Micro/open-Micro.”
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > I did a isometric model of SCAMP and some of my observations included
      > that it seems odd to have a boat with a single flat plate bottom and
      > developed six panel topsides.  To my sense of logic it seem more
      > sensible to put investment in the curvature down where the water
      > "sees" it.  But SCAMP puts the curvature investment up where the human
      > eye's see it.    Also,
      > that design in only 12ft attempts to compromise by having both a cuddy
      > and a cockpit.  I haven't sailed a SCAMP full size, but it makes me
      > curious whether the cuddy feels cramped or the cockpit feels small; or
      > both.  That said, I bet that SCAMP is a fun little boat to build and
      > to sail.
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    • philbolger@comcast.net
      Thanks for your interest. The work was done in 2004, then covered in MAIB Sept. 1, 2004 Vol. 22, No 8 p.28-29. We referred to it as MICRO-2 . To the plans
      Message 54 of 54 , Sep 7, 2012
        Thanks for your interest.

        The work was done in 2004, then covered in MAIB Sept. 1, 2004 Vol. 22, No 8 p.28-29.  We referred to it as 'MICRO-2'. 
        To the plans for Design #422 MICRO across three additional sheets were added modifications doable on any existing MICRO hull:
        - shorter mainmast - 18'4" versus 23' -
        - battened gaff main-sail for an overall sail-area of 210 versus 176, plus 65 sq. foot reaching spinnaker
        - all set in a bow-tabernacle, bringing her hull-length to just over 16 feet,
        - gaff mizzen on 2-foot shorter mizzen-mast 
        - moderate-angle fillets under her bow.
        As stated in the MAIB piece in 2004, these three upgrade sheets are $75.
        The complete plans-package has grown over the decades from 6 to 11 sheets and is available for $250 to build one boat.

        Susanne Altenburger, PB&F   
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        Subject: [bolger] Re: Old Shoe-type MICRO ?


        --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Mark Albanese <marka97203@...> wrote:
        > I don't believe that is well-known. Is it possible to purchase just
        > this sheet?
        > Mark
        > >
        > > Myles,
        > > in case your experience amongst waves would be alleviated by
        > > this, MICRO has had a set of (addable) Vee-Nose fillets forward for
        > > a good number of years now.
        > >
        Yes, first I've heard of it, as well. Perhaps it's on the navigator plans . . . I haven't really studied them.
        Anyway, they sound like a worthy addition. If I still had the Micro I built, I'd likely want them.

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