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Re: [bolger] "Buildability" for the lone builder, cost issues and logistics: DOUBLE EAGLE-modified ?

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    There is always #646 DOUBLE EAGLE at 40 x 20 on 4 -wide hulls with smooth vee-nose bows. Those 10:1 length-to-beam hulls offer stout liveaboard weights
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 31, 2012
      There is always #646 DOUBLE EAGLE at 40' x 20' on 4'-wide hulls with smooth vee-nose bows. 
      Those 10:1 length-to-beam hulls offer stout liveaboard weights carrying capacity.

      Narrow the connecting structure to your desired 12', modify her bridge for single-level/full-width layout, hang between the hulls a single YAMAHA large-prop T-60 (or twin T-25s for more propeller-blade area and redundancy), forget about the sailing rig unless you're happy with loading up on some say 25% ballast-ratio for starters, (instead use a kite for reaching and down-wind sailing...) and there she is at 40 x 12.

      With extant plans, working together on respective modifications would likely yield a worthwhile outcome...

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F

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      Subject: [bolger] "Buildability" for the lone builder, cost issues and logistics.


      I know that I do not need to "convice "  anyone on this group that one of the most appealing things about so many  Phil Bolger and friends
      designs is "accessability " to a  vast range of boat designs .Mr Bolger ( and Suzanne's  ) efforts  have made it possible for  many people to  "live their boating dream " , (what ever that may be) with oftem limited funds.

      So ...speaking of "the dream" ...here is mine : 

      River house boat. For two . Live aboard year round.

      Plywood pontoons / catamaran hulls (  3 ft wide state series ( idaho , Tennesse , whyoh ,)  type of hulls ?  , supporting a platform approx 42 ft long x 12 foot wide overall.

      Plywood  floor pan....sectional bolt together.

      Lightweight "house"  using sips ( structural insulated panel ) on top......Insulated cool room panels perhaps.

      All fitted out with light weight off shelf furniture , ( deck chairs , card tables , ikea style flat pack furniture.

      Outbord a stroke power.
      Solar fed battery bank for lights , stereo , maybe tv.
      Gas cooker , possibly gas fridge.

      Logistics , Buildability and Costs......this is often  where the " dream " rapidly deteriorates......

      Building space
      With suitable access to river ? Expensive ( if you can find it ! ).
      Build out doors ? ....yes , possibly , but a large project like this ....?
      Add the cost of turing the hull over....( crane ? .. makeshift temp gantry ? )


      Hold onto your hats here folks ! Lol....
      I have just been " quoted " a rough approx . cost of $ 5000 - 7000....to move such a vessel...
      Slip fees to "launch ".....$ 650.00 ......
      Temp mooring fees.....??

      So what remains achieveable here ?

      Modular construction.

      8 - 12 ft long plywood pontoon sections bolted together.( Breakdown Schooner , Bantam bow assembly ? )
      Build them in a modest garage .....

      Modular floor platform , bolted to bulkheads.
      Build them in a modest garage too.....

      Sips/ prefabbed modular house structure and roof.

      Any thoughts about this ?

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