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Re: Was Red Zinger pictures, and ballast - now small motorsailor

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  • prairiedog2332
    It was originally written up in SBJ not MAIB. At least if it was I never saw it. MJ has a flat bottom whereas the SMS has significant dead-rise with the
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      It was originally  written up in SBJ not MAIB. At least if it was I never saw it.

      MJ has a flat bottom whereas the SMS  has significant dead-rise with the sloping bilge panels although that may not be the proper term. I think it was meant to be motor-sailed remaining upright with the upper chines well above the water whereas MJ was intended to be sailed heeled like most sharpies. Don't think it would pound when motoring like a sharpie might. I found it noteworthy Mr. Bolger wrote, "The project went off in a different direction, but I still like this proposal myself and think something like this would make somebody a pleasant cruiser." I wonder what design eventually arose? SMS also has higher topsides than MJ.

      Perhaps the design concept eventually came to fruition with the Alaskan Motorsailer #610. That design has received rave reviews from the builder.

      I also see the original sail plan was changed from gaff to balance lug main with full length battens and all sail controls leading inside the pilot house. Often wondered if this was Mr. Bolger's idea of a simpler Chinese lug sail? I enquired about that but got no reply.


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      > I am certain there was never a release of plans for this boat, with a number, etc. Bolger used MAIB to 'float' new design ideas, seeing if a sponsor for the design surfaced.
      > I always thought of it being a Martha Jane w' a box keel. But certainly that isn't correct. However, an MJ w' a box keel may perform similarly, eh??
      > Don
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      > > c.ruzer,
      > > Not sure I understand what was intended here? In my original query it
      > > was about if the plans for this design were ever developed.
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