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    That s the spirit. Lot s to be done. And that s before we hope to ever dial back that carbon-clock . All politics is local. With a lot of personal choices
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      That's the spirit.  Lot's to be done.  And that's before we hope to ever dial back that 'carbon-clock'.

      All politics is local.  With a lot of personal choices involved.  Unhappiness with any White House does not make up for personal indifference or even daily celebration of manic irresponsibilities, whatever shape they make take.  In fact, we may note that some of the loudest 'screamers' may be the least responsible ones...with none of us being 'Saints' likely.

      Once SACPAS-3 has returned to the great wood/rot/carbon-molecular beyond, what remains is oddly-shaped epoxy and fiberglass sheets, strips and 'nuggets' to around 10% by weight.   In contrast, we may find that fiberglass boat-builders may have to explain themselves - before they get taxed 'for their sins of purposeful systemic unsustainability'... 

      Not inconceivable at all.  "You read it here first...!"
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      Deadfall, all the trees that came down in winter storms will add to atmospheric carbon if left alone to decay. Making it into boats or furniture helps the planet. Start building today! In my lifetime I’ve grown hundreds of thousands of board feet of Douglas so I’m covered by a huge backlog of sequestration. I guess converting annual plants that would have decomposed over the winter into energy is about the most neutral we can get. Most of my trees were converted into houses.


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