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On Rigging - for life. (was Re: Reefing Bolger's usual Cat Yawl)

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  • c.ruzer
    ... William Garden wrote at page 35 in the updated & expanded 1998 edition of his book Yacht Designs (1st edition was 1978): But enough about tabloid
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Douglas Pollard <dougpol1@...> wrote:
      > would say after you have sailed one of his boats for 10 years you
      > may want to modify the rig. Don't do it. Build a new one and keep
      > the old one in the shed so you can put it back after playing with
      > yours.

      William Garden wrote at page 35 in the updated & expanded 1998 edition of his book "Yacht Designs" (1st edition was 1978):

      "But enough about tabloid cruisers of the past, and back to Diane. Diane's rig is similar to that of a Friendship sloop, and, although two headsails on such a little packet is overdoing things, it is what Art had in mind and nothing else would do. The simple sloop rig-jib (sic) and main-sail-of (sic) one of the Friendship sloops in Phil Bolger's book, Small Boats, would be my own choice for a sail plan."

      According to the group library database, in SBJ #64 Phil Bolger wrote about Garden's book "Yacht Designs": "...example book...very good..."

      I'm enjoying reading this book again just now! It begins with the design of a 36" LOA cradle boat, NOD, an infant's cradle for Garden's grandsons, but a "proper vessel" including "good copper fastenings" that a child up to six years old as they develope can later sail on a pond or along a reedy shoreline. NOD can then be used to store things in about the house, as a laundry bin say, and later repeat the cradle-boat cycle through successive generations of offspring and so "instill in infant mariners an early touch of seafaring":

      "Wynken Blynken and Nod one night
      Sailed off in a wooden shoe,
      Sailed on a river of crystal light
      Into a sea of dew."
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