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[bolger] Re: Tim's reply problems

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  • HenryClann@aol.com
    In a message dated 11/2/99 7:59:23 AM Central Standard Time, rlundy@atlantic.net writes:
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      In a message dated 11/2/99 7:59:23 AM Central Standard Time,
      rlundy@... writes:

      << Subscribe PLEASE. We cannot live without your vibrant prose. On down
      days I go back and re-read your British Seagull stories. 2nd funniest
      item on the web after the launching of "Alison Might". >>

      Ant they (the Seagull stories) are true as far as i am concerned. We had one
      down on St. Vincent, an old 1hp putt putt. If you had the oil-gas mis even a
      little off, you'd foul the plug. It gets real interesting changing-cleaning
      (with emory cloth) a plug in the channel between the reef...LOL...Thankfully
      there was oars of things got too dicy...all in all it was THE best small
      outboard i've ever seen. We had it from the late 1950s, bought used, and
      still had it when i came back to The States in August of 1972. Used on that
      little box-punt-dingy "WhiteShark" .........


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