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Re: [bolger] Re: Dry Bilges

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  • Douglas Pollard
    I am now sailing a Vega 27 and am happy to have a drain plug in the bilge. My ice box drains into the builge so when I haul I dump some detergent in the bilge
    Message 1 of 16 , Apr 2, 2011
      I am now sailing a Vega 27 and am happy to have a drain plug in the bilge.  My ice box drains into the builge so when I haul I dump some detergent in the bilge and scrub around in there and wash the whole thing out with a garden hose. The boat stays pretty sweet and it might not if it weren't easy to scrub her out.  If any food crumbs get in there a good rinsing out is also a good rot preventer on a wooden boat          Doug

      On 04/02/2011 04:23 PM, John and Kathy Trussell wrote:  

      I once was a passenger on a big deep v. The owner’s wife backed us into the water and agreed to meet us at the end of the day. We motored 6 miles offshore to an artificial reef, anchored, and began rigging the rods when we noticed a lot of water over our feet. We had a plug but we had not put in. Exciting times! Happily, the motor started, we tied a float cushion to the anchor line and dumped it, and were able to get up on a plane and suck the water out. Since then, I have painted ‘PLUG!’ on my trailer tongue as a reminder to install the plug before I launch. So far, it has worked.




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      Bill & 'yonder' -
      Depending on the type of 'Drain', or more specifically 'Drain Plug', hang a
      'reminder' on the hatch latch or some other VERY CONSPICUOUS place.
      Something that MUST be unlocked or used BEFORE you even get the boat off the

      On the P15 I am refurbishing, I put in a scupper of brass tube and used a
      'screw/snap-latch' compressing plug. It is a separate piece. If this was
      used as a Bilge Drain I would attach a loop of Stainless 'safety wire' to it
      and place it on the hasp of the hatch lock. It would be not only
      'conspicuous, but the first thing I would touch before even entering the
      boat!! It would ANNOUNCE that THIS was the FIRST thing to be done.

      Even if you don't use this type of 'stopper' - use something ELSE as a
      'mnemonic. I believe the P15 originally came with a simple cork - attach a
      BIG one or even a large wooden plug shaped like one. Or an old latch-type
      Thermos stopper, etc.

      Regards & Good Luck,
      Ron Magen
      Backyard Boatshop

      > 2a. Re: Dry Bilges
      > Posted by: "yonderman@..." yonderman@... jmbell1
      > I've never regretted having a drain plug in the bottom of my larger boats.
      > This is particularly useful when you are trailering during a heavy
      > rainstorm.
      > Of course you have to remember to put the plug back in before you launch!
      > I've forgotten this crucial step a time or two, I have to admit.
      Bill Howard <billh39@...> wrote:
      >> Questions for all you experienced builders and sailors:
      >> How does one get water out of the bilges? . . . But what to do about
      >> casual water in the bilges of a 1300 lb boat?

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