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Re: Centennial changes

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  • c.ruzer
    John, leaning out to slide the board up would do anyone s back in that s if they didn t also fall in ;-) She blew over! Was there any other weight aboard?
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2011
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      John, leaning out to slide the board up would do anyone's back in that's if they didn't also fall in ;-) She blew over! Was there any other weight aboard? ...Large sailplan, narrow light hull, and single seated crew, both with high COG... what if the 220lbs of ballast lead had been on the floor or a foot below that?

      Concerning design changes -- essentially, flight proved possible. PCB often left things for builders to solve. A big thing concerning this design, and an arbitrary limit to it, is plywood sheet use. Do we know PCB didn't do other similar designs without that limit? Do we know for that matter if he did similar but larger ones? Kick-up or cassette rudder is not much of a mod. Did you rig the lanyard shown as a guide pennant for the rudder. The ballasted boards also could be raised by a hook-on lanyard led over the gunnel and fitted to the board end from a detachable pole or an oar loom and hauled on over the gunnel from within the cockpit. Fitting vertical cases for the boards would make their handling very easy and wouldn't consume much material, nor internal cuddy space under the side-decks.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "captjbturtle" <captjbturtle@...> wrote:
      > First its almost impossible to bring those weighted leeboards aboard. Trust me. I was a young strong lifeguard in Florida. The hull flares out so you have to reach outboard on your knees and lift over 125 pounds out and up over the gunwhales, very very hard.
      > Second. I thought like you. Knowing I would be in shallow water I thought before I cast the lead in the leeboards I would try them first lead free.After all I was a very experienced racing dinghy sailor.
      > Launching day, in front of friends, the boat capsized as soon as I sheeted in. It is very narrow. Ruined a good camera aboard.
      > Only one of the many instances,(hey I'm a slow learner) when changes I made to Mr. Bolger's plans hurt me. Once or twice potentially fatally. I think Bruce is absolutely right. If you have to make so many changes to make it work , pick another design. john
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