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Re: [bolger] RE: Lifting Tops

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  • Dan Burrill
    ... The boat used as Teasel in the adaptation of Coot Club is Lullaby from Hunter s Yard - somewhere at my Mum s house there s a photograph of me (aged 10, I
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 16, 2011
      On 16/02/2011 21:29, Harry James wrote:

      Don't forget The Big Six the sequel to Coot Club. I thought the only
      Swallows and Amazons on Video


      However I found an old 1977 VHS of Swallows and Amazons

      Still better in the books, great way to get children to read.


      The boat used as Teasel in the adaptation of Coot Club is Lullaby from Hunter's Yard - somewhere at my Mum's house there's a photograph of me (aged 10, I think), along with my sisters and some other friends of similar age, posing with the transom of Teasel (as the name is signwritten on to varnished mahogany the easiest way to change it was to replace the whole transom for the duration of filming and put the old one back on afterwards). Quite a lot of it was actually filmed at the yard (the scene at the end that's supposedly in Loudon's Yard (home of the Margoletta) is the one that shows it most clearly, the rest are very creatively shot to make it look like somewhere else).

      In an attempt to get vaguely back on topic, http://www.rivercruiser.org is the website of the River Cruiser Class, which includes a fair proportion of the local yachts (although as the class exists for racing purposes there are plenty of traditional yachts that have never been members). There are some pictures, but not many showing the cabin roof arrangements, as when they're down there's not a lot to see from the outside. http://www.topsail.co.uk is a local broker that normally has a few on their books, and their listings have plenty of pictures.

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