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Re: Gaff Nymph Sailing

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  • KK7B
    Yep. Tender? No, stable as a rock compared to my sailboards Flotation? Class III dinghy sailor s PFD--oh, you meant the boat? Cold? No, I learned to windsurf
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2011

      Tender? No, stable as a rock compared to my sailboards

      Flotation? Class III dinghy sailor's PFD--oh, you meant the boat?

      Cold? No, I learned to windsurf on Lake Superior. That was cold, and often.

      Wind? Yep--notice the reef points, and the jib comes down quickly.

      Lots of sail area, but less than Phil Bolger sketched for her wide sister. The gaff main reefs down to 3 square meters--the size I use on my short board when the wind is gusting to 40 kts. I had an exciting sail this summer with a bit over 20 kts and some chop. I won't intentionally take her out in more than that, and she's slow enough that it takes a while to get very far. She doesn't go any faster, but leaves a truly impressive disturbance on the water when fully powered up. My friend Bart yelled "Hey Buddy, No Wake!" a few minutes after the picture was taken.

      I haven't flipped her in the Gorge yet--but I expect I will. I've flipped most everything else there, and I've spent a lot of time fixing things down in that water. Getting her back up on her feet in deep water will be easy. Getting back in is another thing entirely. The lines are long enough that I can lash the tiller and sail her from alongside, down in the water. I've done that with another dinghy when an equipment failure made it necessary.

      This is not a boat for a beginner learning to sail. But it is a blast. Very responsive to rig tuning and weight. There are a lot of sailors around the Hood River Marina, and (unlike SF Bay) the near and far shores are pretty close. Much of the area around the marina is thigh deep. Rather than trying to climb back in I'd probably body drag back to the bar, bail her out, and climb aboard. When the wind is up we all keep an eye on each other.

      I've sketched some decking and permanent bow and stern flotation, but I'm still debating whether to go that route. I have another boat to sail when the wind picks up.

      Lots of fun.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Harry James <welshman@...> wrote:
      > So I am looking at the picture and thinking Columbia gorge, winds like
      > SF Bay, tender Nymph with what looks like more than the original sail area.
      > What you have got for flotation and how hard is it to get her back on
      > her feet?
      > How cold is the water?
      > HJ
      > On 1/4/2011 6:13 PM, KK7B wrote:
      > > I added a photo of the Bolger Nymph "Wee Rose" with gaff rig sailing at Hood River Yacht Club this past June.
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      > > Rick
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