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Re: Storm Petrel (was...Featherwind or Dave Carnell's Nutmeg?)

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  • c.ruzer
    A 10 sheet boat? 9 off 3/8 plywood sheets - required when hatch enlarged to doghouse? Plus part of another for the modified ply keel? (The remainder might be
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 7, 2010
      A 10 sheet boat? 9 off 3/8" plywood sheets - required when hatch enlarged to doghouse? Plus part of another for the modified ply keel? (The remainder might be sufficient for the interchangeable low hatch cover per Stephen's fishing scenario.)

      Looking at the modified keel sketch http://www.belljar.net/bolgersp.htm ;and

      "What follows are excerpts from Phil's letter to me:

      The plywood keel is likely to be stronger for beaching etc. than the designed steel one though the latter could readily be strengthened with more flange to the hull. In ballasting the keel, allow for the greater buoyancy of the thicker wood keel."

      Would the draft now be reduced to approximately 12"?

      Would that stronger, shallower keel make Storm Petrel more of an easy trailerable boat? The keel so shallow as to present little added difficulty to launch and retreival? So shallow it may in fact support no other weight on the trailer, hung from the bunk supported hull?

      That seems to be what's occuring here with another extremely shallow keeled, 10 off 3/8" sheet boat, Catfish: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=118161&id=100001418541739&l=cac0d0c18e&ref=fbx_album

      Catfish Beachcruiser


      http://www.dca.uk.com/safety.htm - does CF satisfy?






      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "prairiedog2332" <arvent@...> wrote:
      > I have often "built" Storm Petrel in my mind and it seemed instant
      > build to me - in fact a very elegant process, following the keys in
      > "Different Boats".
      > The raised hatch as shown was restricted in size due the constraints of
      > staying within the plywood sheet requirement number. Add another sheet
      > and it could be enlarged to accommodate two people sitting side by side,
      > making it into a dog house with drop board and companionway. Perhaps
      > even a slot top.
      > The plans were modified to have a shallow plywood keel filled with lead
      > a la Micro resulting in less draft (but more plywood) . Somewhere I
      > heard a larger sail was suggested. Balance lug like on Zephyr I believe,
      > to improve light air performance.
      > I could envision this as a very safe boat when out on a lake where
      > thunderstorms might build in the afternoon, like on the mountain lakes
      > near me. It could also serve as a very safe motorboat without the
      > sailing rig to go fishing in.
      > http://www.belljar.net/bolgersp.htm
      > Although Mr. Bolger stated it was not one of his "best efforts" I fail
      > to see anything wrong with it and a lot to like!
      > Nels
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