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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Susanne wrote: As to AURIGA, she underwent a series of mostly productive reconsideration on the part of PB&F and the Kolbs. Her plans are well advanced and
    Message 1 of 28 , Oct 6, 2010
      Susanne wrote:

      "As to AURIGA, she underwent a series of mostly productive reconsideration on the part of PB&F and the Kolbs. Her plans are well advanced and are a rigorous treatment of the live-aboard global-reaching 50' advanced sharpie subject. Between above-mentioned distractions and thus delays, and changing life circumstances for the Kolbs, their 40-foot shed in a high-country valley may see a much scaled-down project emerge within its protection from Colorado mountain weather."

      This is all true, and perhaps some additional clarifications would be helpful.

      There is no doubt that the design is capable and well suited to full time living at sea. We just felt that the design had become too large, complicated, and expensive for me to build working mostly alone, and that it would be too much for my wife to handle alone on the open ocean. There was, and probably still is, some difference of opinion between Susanne and us on this point, but ultimately it was our project and our determination to make.

      We had been waiting over 7 years, and were not confident in the timelines being discussed for her completion because of past experience. With the scale of the project, we worried that by the time we got to sea, we'd be too old to start learning to cross oceans. We decided to scale back our goals to coastal cruising and island hopping.

      We had made clear that she would be built outside early on, but there was apparently some misunderstanding on this point. My main concern regarding building was the cost and time. I estimated that it might take 10 years or more for me to build such a large vessel alone and part time. There was apparently a perception that we had amassed a large sum of money to apply to the project and would immediately build full time, which we had not and were not likely to do.

      The combination of these and lesser considerations led us to terminate the commission and request a more modest coastal cruising design from existing plans in the PB&F portfolio. We did not make this decision lightly, and it was not well received.

      Since then, I have been unsuccessful in finding a stock plan to start with, and have been experimenting with my own ideas. We'd still like to know if there's a suitable stock PB&F plan that we could purchase, but I take it that lack of visibility into the portfolio is part of how the recent thread got started. Nevertheless, if that door is cracked, we're interested.

      I sold the FastBrick cheap to a nice young couple from Alaska to use as a day boat on the lakes of Minnesota in summer. It's good to see it get used instead of sitting outside the shop reminding me of our failure. In the meantime, my wife's company folded, reducing our means, and I'm pulling 60 hour weeks, all but eliminating design experimentation. All the while, the years thunder by, as the old quote begins.

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