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Re: 'Did I miss anybody . . .'

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  • Ron Magen
    I have been catching up with my reading and so forgive the lateness of my comments. A truly Open Forum is said to be one of the foundations of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2010
      I have been catching up with my 'reading' and so forgive the 'lateness' of
      my comments.

      A truly 'Open Forum' is said to be one of the foundations of a democratic
      society. However, one of the accompanying inherent problems is that it IS an
      'Open Forum'. An old but crude statement makes my point; 'Opinions are like
      assholes - everybody has one !!'

      The internet adds to this by illustrating another, paraphrasing; 'If
      somebody calls you an idiot, why open your mouth and prove it?'.

      When I was in college I worked on the newspaper. Did it for all 4 years -
      lastly as a columnist. I called it 'One Man's Opinion'. I must have been
      doing something right because it was very much read & commented about. The
      point was that we accepted 'Letters to the Editor' and almost anything else
      that 'came over the transom'. We printed then AS RECEIVED. Except one . . .
      NOT because of content, but because it was so BADLY WRITTEN that a} we
      couldn't really understand WHAT he was trying to say-so much so that any
      corrections would probably change whatever the point was, and b} publishing
      it 'as is' would have held the writer up to ridicule as TOTAL MORON.

      As far as this 'Thread' is concerned it is safe to say that all opinions
      have been aired. The ONLY opinion that counts -and the FINAL disposition- is
      NONE of OUR BUSINESS . . . it's Mrs.Bolger's. PERIOD.

      Not only that, but this may have reached the point 'specified' in the
      'Bolger Rules' i.e. this 'horse' is LONG dead !!

      Regards . . . and MY opinion,
      Ron Magen
      Backyard Boatshop

      1.12. Re: Did I miss anybody with e-mail requests ?
      Posted by: "John Kohnen" jhkohnen@... jhkohnen
      Date: Tue Oct 5, 2010 12:35 am ((PDT))

      Duckworks probably chooses to do little, if any, censoring of letters.
      Grover's gripe only differs a bit in tone from many similar complaint
      posted here. Should the Bolger group be moderated, and all postings critical
      of PB&F deleted before they see the light of day?

      There have been problems at PB&F. We all know that. Susanne has had a hard
      time since Phil's death, but she's trying to get things fixed. I'm sure
      everyone here wishes her the best, but it does no one any good to ignore
      that there was ever anything wrong.

      Bolger rules!!!
      <snip> . . .or flogging dead horses

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