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Re: [bolger] Re: fiberglass butt joints & a note on Toto

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  • Bill Turnbull
    Garth, Thanks for the feedback. I ll check the blueprints tonight. Bill ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Kick off your
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      Thanks for the feedback. I'll check the blueprints


      --- Garth Battista <garth@...> wrote:
      > > I'm just starting a Michalak Toto and have a
      > question
      > > regarding fiberglass butt joints.
      > >
      > To Bill and anyone else starting a Toto:
      > This is a little thing, and not really Bolger, but
      > maybe worth
      > mentioning. When I cut all the panels as indicated
      > for my Toto this
      > spring, the bilge panel overlapped the side panel in
      > a weird way. I e-
      > mailed Jim Michalak about it and he said, yes,
      > there's a small
      > problem with the blueprints. (Maybe he's corrected
      > it on sets sent
      > out since then?)
      > For what it's worth, here's my note to him.
      > Basically, you
      > should recalculate the dimensions of the bilge panel
      > at each frame
      > location (to match the dimension of the frame
      > there), and draw the
      > panel slightly differently than indicated.
      > Here's my note to Jim:
      > >>>
      > I recently bought the Toto plans from you and am in
      > the midst of
      > building it. I cut all the frames and bulkheads and
      > panels to your
      > measurements on the blueprint, and then went to fit
      > them all
      > together. Everything looked great as the sides went
      > onto the frames
      > and the gunwales got fit on.
      > Then when it came time to install the bilge panels,
      > I noticed that
      > the aft edge of the bilge panel was too wide for the
      > portion of the
      > transom that was to receive it. I thought, did I
      > really cut it that
      > bad? It overlaps the side by about �". Then I
      > checked your
      > drawing
      > and noticed that if you work out the length of that
      > angled section of
      > the transom, using the right triangle indicated by
      > some of the given
      > dimensions of the transom, that section which is to
      > receive the end
      > of the bilge panel comes out to exactly 4.717". But
      > the bilge
      > panel
      > is explicitly 5" wide there. Hence my overlap.
      > Then I checked the match-up of the angled section of
      > the other frames
      > and bulkheads vs. the dimension of the bilge panel
      > at their locations
      > � and bulkhead 10 is also a bit undersized to
      > receive the
      > indicated
      > bilge panel (7.846" on the bulkhead vs. 8.125" on
      > the panel)
      > and the
      > other bulkhead/frames (at 7, 4, and 2) are all a bit
      > bigger than the
      > bilge panel � which is much easier to deal with.
      > I'll just recut the bilge panel to try to make it
      > fit the space
      > available for it.
      > >>>>
      > Just a note based on my experience: recutting the
      > panel to fit the
      > frames after the fact makes for curves that aren't
      > quite fair. Best
      > to fix it early on.
      > For what it's worth,
      > Garth
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