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Re: [bolger] Re: Interesting History Of The Box Keel

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  • Christopher C. Wetherill
    This is not really Atkin s fault. The Atlantic Coast rum runners that were the bane of the Coast Guard s existence and the boats the Coasties used to chase
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      This is not really Atkin's fault.  The Atlantic Coast rum runners that were the bane of the Coast Guard's existence and the boats the Coasties used to chase them were all built by the same guys who built the beach skiffs.  In fact they were direct descendants of the motorized pound boats that the rowboats morphed into.  The small boats were all called Sea Skiffs or Jersey Sea Skiffs pretty generally.  By inference, the terminology was already vague in the 1920's.

      A pretty good amount of information is available from Peter J Guthorn's "The Sea Bright Skiff and other Shore Boats".  Also John Gardner's Building Classic Small Craft" has two separate sections, one in Vol 1 that discusses the rowed boat and one in Vol two that discusses variations of the power boat that derived from it.  In fact, Everhope only really differs from the Gardner drawings in that the tuck of the planking is exaggerated to develop a tunnel.

      In order to get back to a more Bolger oriented debate, I propose the following:  Diablo, if modified to have a level shafted inboard, not stern drive, would look like a simplified powered  Sea Bright Skiff with a plumb transom, or for that matter, Everhope.  I doubt that it would plane at all well, because the prop would cavitate.


      On 9/13/2010 11:31 AM, Peter wrote:
      Calling it a flat bottomed boat with a boxed skeg starting 
      mid-ship might be a better description.
      I think it's also fair to say that William Atkin complicated the taxonomy by using the name for boats of a different shape, designed for a different purpose. Example here:
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