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Re: [bolger] Re: Chebacco 25' Lapstrake plans

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  • Susanne@comcast.net
    Hello David, thanks for your interest in our work. Our Design #602 CHEBACCO 25 on four 17 x22 sheets was listed by Phil for US$300.- to build one boat, rolled
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      Hello David, 
           thanks for your interest in our work.
      Our Design #602 CHEBACCO 25 on four 17"x22" sheets was listed by Phil for US$300.- to build one boat, rolled in a mailing tube, sent priority-mail.
      Should you still be interested, do send a personal check, money-order, bank-draft etc.
      Phil Bolger & Friends
      P.O.Box 1209
      66 Atlantic Street
      Gloucester, MA 01930-1627

      Typical turn-around is about 1-2 weeks.

      I believe that the whole Group would be interested in seeing a Chebacco-25 emerge from a shop and read reports on her behavior. 

      Susanne Altenburger, PB&F
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 7:24 PM
      Subject: [bolger] Re: Chebacco 25' Lapstrake plans


      Hi Mick

      I know what you mean about the logistics. I ended up buying from CSB beacuse they sell over the internet and deliver PDF files... Chile is closer to the US than Australia but that doesn't help much trying to buy plans from the US. I have been trying to contact Susanne and Instantboats with no results for a couple of weeks now.

      Re plans: I found with Bolgers plans for Oldshoe that I marvelled almost as much about the way the plans built the boat for me as I did about the boat itself. The amount of thought and information in the plans never ceases to amaze me. I assume that is why there are such a number of people who buy plans and never build the boats. The plans in themselves are well worth it.

      With experience it must be possible to build a Chebacco from the lines but I am sure you can save a package in time and mistakes if only you can get hold of the plans.

      Best regards,


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Mick J" <mick_catchtwentytwo@...> wrote:
      > Hi David,
      > Thanks for the response.
      > My intention was NOT to cheat the designers out of their earnings.
      > I thought that, if there are any people out there, who have bought plans, but not used them(UNUSED) then I'd be happy to buy the plans off them.
      > I have read posts from people who have had a difficulty buying plans as Suzanne was busy. Without the aid of on-line facilities, buying plans online can be quite difficult. I will probably have to have a "Bank Cheque" made up. I lot of young people will probably ask "Whats a Bank Cheque?" :) Note: I live in Perth(Australia).
      > I have built a ply lapstrake boat before(Navigator)so I'm familiar with the process. I'm quite confident I could use the offsets(from BWAOM) to produce my own lofting, but there are many aspects to the design that I may have to be creative with.
      > Cheers
      > Mick

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