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Re: double ender in sheet plywood?

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    ... Thank you John. Good points to think about.
    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 23, 2010
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "John and Kathy Trussell" <jtrussell2@...> wrote:
      > In this country, most designers have plans for double enders in the 15 foot...................

      > Stitch and glue construction produces a hull which requires little framing
      > or spiling and the hull goes together quickly. However, the looseness of
      > the assembly method means that the finished hull may differ somewhat from
      > the designer's lines and it is often difficult to maintain fair lines where
      > the panels come together. Moreover, stitch and glue boats require a lot of
      > sanding and filling to achieve a decent finish. This task is complicated by
      > the size of the boat as increased size means an increased area to sand and
      > bigger boats require the sander to get inside the boat. Particularly for a
      > bigger boat, I think that glued lapstrake plywood built over molds is a
      > better way to go, particularly if you clean up squeeze out as it occurs.
      > JohnT

      Thank you John.

      Good points to think about.
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