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Re: [bolger] Re: to seal or not to seal

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  • the doctor
    paranoia is where it s at !!!!!!!!!     doc :) ... From: eric14850 Subject: [bolger] Re: to seal or not to seal To:
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 28, 2009
      paranoia is where it's at !!!!!!!!!  
      doc :)

      --- On Mon, 12/28/09, eric14850 <eric14850@...> wrote:

      From: eric14850 <eric14850@...>
      Subject: [bolger] Re: to seal or not to seal
      To: bolger@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, December 28, 2009, 9:15 AM

      I have not read all the posts in this thread, but I think there is a little too much paranoia about the ability to seal a boat. I plan on building Crystal or modifying Gypsy to be an all weather lifeboat dinghy. In any case sealed compartments. Hatches because I want storage, but I would be little concerned about not having hatches. I will be covering all parts in epoxy fiberglass. Water tanks and fuel tanks are sealed compartments in larger boats. Fiberglass and epoxy fillets are unlikely to be a problem before there are other obvious problems with a boat. I can think of nothing worse than a compartment sealed except for limber holes and filled with foam. At least make the limberhole face removable for maintenance. I used foam blocks cut and shaped to fit bow and stern. Covered them in cloth for sun protection and to keep foam bits from being a problem and tied them in place. Worked as floatation. Boat stored upside down allowed good air circulation to dry things out.

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      > I will give up the space for the styrofoam. Peace of mind should I take a little too much water on board some day. A compartment that should be watertight that isn't would be a bad surprise at that time.

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