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[bolger] Re: Drain Plugs & boat covers

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  • HenryClann@aol.com
    In a message dated 10/30/99 9:04:13 PM Central Standard Time, rlundy@atlantic.net writes:
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      In a message dated 10/30/99 9:04:13 PM Central Standard Time,
      rlundy@... writes:

      << Even though I'm going to
      put a tarp over the boat, this is florida, and it often rains sideways.
      some water will collect. would love to hear other solutions to this
      difficulty. >>

      Down on St.Vincent, we stored our 12ft plywood runabout (NO FIBERGLASSING) on
      the beach at "the Careenage-Blue Lagoon". We had 4 cinderblocks with 2 2x4s
      that had double blocks that the keel fit in, that kept her up off the ground
      about 8 in. We then built a cover out of spruce with a peaked roof about 5x12
      ft. We covered it with basic galvanized duct sheeting,, sealing the seams
      with...um...something? It over hung the boat about 6 in. on each side. We put
      chains on the bow & stern ends which locked to the bow eyeboalt & double
      (each side) stern eye bolts. that kept it on in winds and "undersirables" out
      of the boat when we were not there to supervise....


      Palm Bay, Florida
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      Careenage & Blue Lagoon, A page for Home Built Boats & Owners!</A>
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