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Re: [bolger] Cover of 'Boats with an Open Mind'

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  • Harry James
    Website at http://www.boatdesign.com/tomboy/index.htm HJ
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 18, 2009
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      John Bell wrote:
      It's a boat that's not covered in the book. That particular boat is Chuck Merrell's "Tomboy", built to the 'Jesse Cooper' design. The AS-29 is a later development of the concep.

      On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 11:34 AM, stephenwarrick@... <s.warrick@...> wrote:

      Whilst riding out the gale in my kitchen and contemplating the space versus which boat scenario I happened to be reading Philip's 'Boats with an Open Mind'.

      Now here is the conundrum...what is the boat in the top left illustration on the cover? I have scoured the book but can't seem to find it. Am I missing something?

      The note inside the cover lists 'Bright Thread', 'Microtrawler' and 'Pirate Racer' but I can't see 'Pirate Racer' on the cover of my copy. It looks like 'Fisherman's Launch' in the second photo and 'Birdwatcher' at the bottom.

      Over to you experts!

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