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Re: [bolger] Re: Gloucester times opinion piece

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  • Susanne@comcast.net
    GDT Columnist Jim Munn can be cranky in his perspective - and at times with good reason. Working-stiff -background and sympathies, mild center-left leanings,
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 23, 2009
      GDT Columnist Jim Munn can be cranky in his perspective - and at times with good reason.  'Working-stiff'-background and sympathies, mild center-left leanings, plus High-School coach position are reflected in the overall approach of his writings.  The way 'I read it' he's sarcastic in a way most readership will 'get'.  Sadly, multiple attempts to interest him in the project(s) over the last 6-7 years in our project of re-establishing the idea of building working craft for this Seaport met with no discernable interest.  So he is late in 'hopping on' the running-boards of this public discussion.  But, as Phil would say, 'better late than never'...  Any help is welcome indeed.   And I sure have amply demonstrate 'slowness' on matters now 'perfectly obvious'.
      Susanne Altenburger 

      P.S. Our Ward Councillor, who one more time chose to humiliate Phil Friday before that Sunday by cavalierly cancelling a long-scheduled meeting at our office about our proposals with less than 10mins to go (while offering no other date), has decided to not seek re-election 'for personal reasons'.  In my agony I had been vocal about a number of civic 'leaders' who had the urge to weaken Phil repeatedly just days and weeks before his death by dismissing his personal request for face-time. 
           Am I petty ?  No.  He was 81 and still meant well, burning finite energy to interest such folks in this urgently necessary work.  And in return, as he put it himself, he 'got padded on the head and was told to run along...'  Painful indeed. 
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      Unfortunately, that kind of writing only works when your audience already agrees with me. Not that I ever let that stop me...


      On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 12:25 AM, BrianA <bawrytr@gmail. com> wrote:

      I would say more sarcastic than satirical. But I can't really see his point. If everybody would just become doctors and lawyers and investment bankers, we would all be rich and there would be no problems in the US. ;)


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups. com, Bruce Hallman <hallman@...> wrote:
      > I had to read this article a couple times, but I think it is satirical.
      > http://www.gloucest ertimes.com/ puopinion/ local_story_ 292221015. html

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