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Fwd: [bolger] 25' Chebacco?

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  • John Bell
    Tried to reply off list but your corporate server rejected my email. It s a more complex build to be sure, but what a lovely creature she is.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2009
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      Tried to reply off list but your corporate server rejected my email.
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      Replying off list to keep clutter down –


      What is this “Romilly” design?  Tell me a little more, please – For the past 10 years, my Chebacco has consisted of some pencil marks on some VERY expensive plywood that’s been trucked between three houses and is now languishing in the rafters of my garage.   I like the Chebacco design, the looks, and the construction sequence.  It just looks like a boat OUGHT to look.  CAVEAT: I’m from the eastern shore of the Chesapeake, and formed my opinions from workboats, not yachts. J


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      I've only heard rumor of one person starting to build the the "Big Chewie" and that was seven or eight years ago. I fear this is like many builds, mine included, that were never seen through to completion.


      The 25'er is a lot of boat and would be a nice family daysailer to be certain. I'm not fond of the solent lug / gunter rig Bolger shows on the drawings in "Boats with an Open Mind", but that's easily changed.


      Although, if I were considering a new build in that size range, I'd have a hard time not building Nigel Irens' "Romilly" instead.




      On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Kimbro, Ray (N-SAIC) <ray.kimbro@...> wrote:



      Folks –


      I read a brief mention of a 25’ Chebacco on the Chebacco News site.  If y’all would entertain some questions, I’ve got a few.


      1)      Did Mr. Bolger design this, or did someone extrapolate #s to extend the 20’ plans?

      2)      Has one of these actually launched?

      3)      If so, how does it sail?

      4)      Any pics?


      I’ve been very fond of the Chebacco design since I first saw it in the early 90s – but, the 20’ version is just a bit small for my family.  I think that the 25’ would make a great trailerable daysailer for the family, long-weekend cruiser for myself, and mebbe one other kid (I’m a horrible packrat, and tend to overpack for everything).


      So – if anyone knows of a 25’ Chebacco, I’d be very interested in chatting w/the builder and/or owner.






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