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  • Roger Padvorac
    Hi Dick, Most of the boat designs that Payson sells have building instructions in one of his books. www.instantboats.com While there is some overlap from book
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2009
      Hi Dick,
      Most of the boat designs that Payson sells have building instructions in one of his books.
      While there is some overlap from book to book, there is useful general boat building information in each of them that isn't duplicated in others. Payson went to some length to start from the fundamentals of woodworking, and work up from there. Later in his books he starts with using a simple boat as an example of specific construction techniques, and works up to construction instructions for more complex boat designs by the end of the book.
      He is also a firm believer in boat modeling as a learning technique, as a way to speed up construction of the boat, and a way to reduce the risk of expensive mistakes in assembling the boat. His boat modeling books teach you how to do this.
      Considering the expense of cash and time to build even one of the simpler boats, I consider buying a set of his books a reasonable investment to help insure success and to make the whole process more enjoyable.
      An added advantage right now is that you can pretty quickly get books and plans from him.
      After the experience gained in building and sailing some of the instant boats, it would be far more feasible to take the scale drawings in one of Bolger's books and build a boat from those.
      Besides unless you are really fast at boat building, by the time you get done messing around with building and experimenting with an instant boat or two, likely Susanne will like have made some progress on making some of the other plans available.
      Since Payson sells a few non-instant plans along with the line of instant boat plans, he could keep a person, who is new to boat building, busy for quite a while.
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      Thanks for all the good info on finding plans. I think I am going to build a Brick so I can get myself into this and not try to build something too complicated like the folding schooner. I really like that design but I think I will take the advise given and try something small and simple. Besides 3 sheets of cheap plywood isn't much to invest if I don't like doing this kind of thing after all.
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