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Re: [bolger] How do you know which boat

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  • Gene Tehansky
    Dick, The best and quickest way to see the most boats if the book Boats With and Open Mind . I believe Duckworks Magazine has it. They also have a lot of
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 28, 2009
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      The best and quickest way to see the most boats if the book "Boats With and Open Mind".  I believe Duckworks Magazine has it.  They also have a lot of plans some "related" to Bolger's philosophy, specifically those by Jim Michalak.  Also go to Instantboats.com.  Dynamite Payson has a number of the more easily assembled Bolger boats for sale.  I believe this is the only site selling Bolger plans with the support of PB&F (Phil Bolger and Friends), the name of the organizaton Phil ran.  Phil's idea of selling plans was really for a prospective client to write explaining what he wanted to do with a boat, where he wanted to sail, etc.  Phil would then make suggestions from among his boats to meet your needs.  I see no reason to thing things will not continue to run that way.  Good luck with your selections.

      Gene T.

      On 27 Sep, 2009, at 10:21 PM, dickpensil wrote:

      If I understand this right Mr. Bolger passed away in May of this year and his Memorial was a couple weeks ago. I take it that he doesn't have a company or employees and was running a one man operation. All the plan sales etc. have fallen to his wife who is still trying to recover from his tragic death. So as of now there are no orders being filled until she can get through this really hard time. Do I have that right so far? 

      So with no catalogue or web site how did you guys find the plans for the boat you wanted to build. I read somewhere that he had hundreds of small boat plans drawn up over the years. I sure would like to peruse those different boats to see which one I like best. Are there any plans to amass all or some of the plans into a catalogue or web site? 

      I got the fax number but I don't really know what to ask her as I don't know what she has to offer or even if she will continue selling plans. 

      Does anyone have any advice how to find any information without appearing cold hearted. This must be a really tough time for her and I really feel badly for her.


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