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Re: Bolger Memorial Event Sept. 19 '09, Gloucester, MA

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  • futabachan
    ... Regrettably, the _Shrike_ (my SHS) is laid up for the winter, but we ll try to be there. -- Susan Davis
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2009
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Susanne@..." <philbolger@...> wrote:
      > - A Memorial Event will be held over the weekend of September 19th & 20th of September 2009.

      Regrettably, the _Shrike_ (my SHS) is laid up for the winter, but we'll try to be there.

      Susan Davis <futabachan@...>
    • eric14850
      My daughter and I plan to attend Sat and I will attend at least part of Sunday. Eric and Leta
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 17, 2009
        My daughter and I plan to attend Sat and I will attend at least part of Sunday.
        Eric and Leta

        --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Susanne@..." <philbolger@...> wrote:
        > Dear Friends out there. Go 'viral' with this one...
        > First posted at www.woodenboat.com 8/31/09
        > - A Memorial Event will be held over the weekend of September 19th & 20th of September 2009.
        > - September 19th is the planned Event day, with the noon-tide suggesting the event to begin between 3 and 4 pm and to run until dusk.
        > - The 20th serves to explore the waters that nourished Phil's imagination since his first own boat at 7 years of age.
        > - The 20th also doubles as the Rain-Date.
        > - The location is the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center (www.gloucestermaritimecenter.org), Harbor Loop, Gloucester, on the northern side of the working Inner Harbor minutes from downtown.
        > - The Event will consist of recollections of Phil's friends, clients, family, with musical interludes, static exhibits and some video-presentation at dusk.
        > - It will be an 'Open Event' i.e. with an open door and Gloucester folks attending at will.
        > - Bolger boats will be in the water and on static exhibit on the Pier(s) at GMHC.
        > - Food & Drink will be available for purchase on site at GMHC. Gloucester has its own brewery - Fishermen's Brew - about a mile away !
        > - Bring your considered thoughts for an open-mike session, perhaps your contribution in song, instrumental, or poetry. And bring good weather.
        > - If you plan to contribute actively, let me know.
        > - The Event will be held outdoors under the big tent at the GMHC Boatshop, right at the edge of the Water, and out on to the Piers.
        > - Noon Tides structure both days. Hence the beginning of the Saturday Event at between 3 - 4 pm, allowing travel to Gloucester, launching of trailerable and cartoppable craft around that time, plus travel by water from various launch sites.
        > - On Sunday, exploring the Annisquam and particularly Jones Creek requires minding the tides.
        > - Please GOOGLE EARTH/MAP the places involved in this invitation.
        > - GMHC being right down-town, be mindful of old city's parking limitations.
        > - Do let me know you are coming by fax (978) 282-1349 or E-mail me at philbolger@...
        > Bring your Bolger-designed boat !
        > - You are invited to bring your Bolger Boat, afloat, trailered or on the roof-top.
        > - Contributors to the static exhibit on the Main Pier - cartoppers and light trailerables - should show up early enough - noonish - to get the craft into GMHC while pre-Event logistics are under way as well.
        > - My intention is to bring our well-worn KOTICK, SHOEBOX, FLYING CLOUD, SPUR-II as statics, and working SHIVAREE in the water. Several Bolger-designed working and pleasure craft are on Cape Ann and might be there as well. No sense yet as to their numbers.
        > - GMHC has one Main Pier with floats on one side, and two narrow ones as part of the working Marine Railway. Float space is inherently limited and will serve smaller craft. The railway piers only have pilings, but close enough together to serve vlarger craft. A boat will be doing 'launch service' allowing these craft to be right at the event as well.
        > Let me know if you bring a Bolger boat!
        > Launching your boat:
        > - High-tide for both is about 12:00ish
        > - Several launching ramps are scattered about Gloucester.
        > - 1/2+ mile away from GMHC is the Highschool Ramp that remains low-tide accessible.
        > - The two Long Wharf Ramps on Jones Creek's west-side - tributary to Annisquam - should be usable up to 2 hrs post/pre peak; requires 1 hr under power to get to GMHC.
        > - Folks can also carry their rooftopable craft over down-town Pavillion Beach at Stacey Boulevard/Western Ave. to the Outer Harbor waters and park the car in normal street spots. Trip to GMHC is about 30 mins.
        > - Since the Event will last until Dusk, be prepared to travel back to the ramp - if you must haul out - under darkness. But this is a working port with lots of shore-lighting, least commercial boat-traffic at that time of day with the way back to Pavillion Beach or the Highschool ramp of modest challenge at best.
        > Lodging
        > - Camp-cruisers stay afloat.
        > - Cape Ann Campsite is located at 80 Atlantic Street (978) 283-8683 on tidal Jones Creek (capeanncampsite.com).
        > - A number of B&Bs and motels are in Gloucester and Rockport i.e. on Cape Ann.
        > - Standard franchise motels around Rt. 1 Danvers, Saugus etc.
        > Let me know soon if you plan to attend.
        > Susanne Altenburger,
        > Phil Bolger & Friends
        > 66 Atlantic Street,
        > Gloucester, MA 01930
        > Fx 978 282 1349
        > E-mail philbolger@...
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