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Re: [bolger] boat camping modifications? was > The Elusive "Dugong"

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  • Roger Padvorac
    Thanks for the suggestions everybody. Here is a summary of what I ve found out, including a few new links. Beach Cruising and Coastal Camping by Ida Little
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      Thanks for the suggestions everybody. Here is a summary of what I've found out, including a few new links.
      Beach Cruising and Coastal Camping by Ida Little
      Thanks Bruce and Thomas.
      It looks like Amazon.com stopped selling it between last week and this week. I looked at the publisher's web site, and they seem to be having problems. I couldn't find a web site for Ida Little, so I bought a new copy from one of the book stores listed through Amazon.com on the page for this book. The book came out in 1992, which is a while ago now. Bolger mentioned in the 1980 book "Different Boats" that Ida Little built his design called the Cruising Canoe.
      Does anybody know if Ida Little is still active with small boats?
      Dinghy Cruising: The Enjoyment of Wandering Afloat by Margaret Dye
      Thanks Thomas.
      The 3rd edition of this came out Jan 1, 2008, its in print, and I ordered a copy of this. Its encouraging that the author is continuing to work with the body of work in the book, and that it was updated recently.
      Backyard Boatbuilder: How to Build Your Own Wooden Boat by John Welsford
      Thanks Mike.
      Its not clear if the book is just going out of print or coming into print or if the publication of a new edition got stalled. In any case, its not available new for the time being.
      I sent a message to the John Welsford at
      The web site doesn't mention the book, I sent email a week ago and he hasn't responded, so its hard to say what the status is of this book.
      The Dinghy Cruising Association
      Thanks Peter.
      Though this is more focused on Europe, some of information and suppliers will be of use to people on other continents.
      Actually while looking at this I realized that suppliers for seagoing kayaks might be more useful than yachting suppliers for supplies and equipment for dingy cruising and boat camping. It was a revelation to understand that while boat building suppliers are essential for building the hull and setting up the rigging for small open boats, the equipment and supplies needed for extended sailing in a small open boat, in less than perfect weather, will be more likely found at seagoing kayak suppliers than at yachting suppliers.

      "Openboat is dedicated to the cruising of open boats in coastal or inland waters."
      Thanks Graeme.
      Though this is sponsored by the DCA, anybody can join the discussion group who is interested in discussion on these activities. I joined, and looking at the table of monthly email levels, it looks like August is when they are mostly out in boats away from the internet and winter is when a lot of the discussion happens.
      The Shallow Water Sailor Sailing Manual
      This has an extensive and useful bibliography, though a number of the books are out of print.
      Hostellers Sailing Club: All about Dinghy Cruising
      This long web page (about 50 pages on 8.5x11 inch paper) is a valuable book in itself, has a lot of useful technical details about all aspects of dingy cruising including camping in the boat, and includes some links to useful resources.
      When I searched this link for: boat camping
      It returned 160 results. While these are magazine articles and usually don't have the depth of a book, reading through them will provide a breath of real world experience that no book could. This is a dangerous link, however. After reading all 160 links from this search, then you could search for dingy cruising, and all this reading would provide clues for more fascinating searches and more intriguing articles, and more searches and more articles :)
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      Subject: Re: [bolger] boat camping modifications? was > The Elusive "Dugong"
      Does anybody have any other suggestions on books that might cover modifications to a small open boat that will be used for boat camping?
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