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Re: [bolger] Wooden Boat magazine photo tribute

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  • Michael Wagner
    I was contacted by WB a few weeks ago and asked if Walkure could be included in an upcoming tribute to Phil. I got the impression that one entire issue of
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      I was contacted by WB a few weeks ago and asked if "Walkure" could be included in an upcoming tribute to Phil. I got the impression that one entire issue of "Launchings" will be exclusively devoted to Bolger boats.

      Also, as much as we would like to be there, Walkure will not be able to make it to the memorial. She's on the hard in Virginia for some major repair/refit work.

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      Hear, hear.  Well said, Mason.  These issues - sustainable fishing craft, sustainable emerging economies waterborne transportation, community-based pre- and post-colonial tree-plantings for future boat-building/ fine-carpentry- usage  - only get more pressient.   

      WoodenBoat through Carl Cramer and Scott Bell has just recently expressed support in using their website to announce the Memorial Event.  This should start early next week.

      I have first names accumulating here - with and without boats.  But a Yahoo Groups-based effort would be most welcome indeed, in part to let each other know whom you will see here in a month and which boats.  I would still like a direct confirmation to philbolger@comcast. net anyway.  Thanks Mason and to you all.  Susanne Altenburger
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      David, and all,
      I too want to believe that WoodenBoat will be coming up with something more in honor of Phil. The one strong advocate I know of that he has, or had, there, is Mike O'Brien, but Mike's less active nowadays if not completely retired. I have some other contacts there from old stories I've done, including the Birdwatcher piece, but I've antagonized some of the editors and think they don't want to hear much from me. I've urged that WB could do more to help find funding for a prototype of Cayuco for the Honduras Biosphere Reserve, and to publicize Phil's and Susanne's efforts and ideas about sustainable fishing and boatbuilding in ports like Gloucester. These efforts really consumed Phil and Susanne for several years (they're very much the reason for various people's difficulty getting plans and other service from PB&F during those years) and I am sorry to say that I believe the general lack of appreciation and understing of these heartfelt efforts contributed to the good man's despair. I found recenty that WB was unaware of the coming gathering in Gloucester; and by the way, shall we start a thread here for the single purpose of saying "I'm coming," and thus developing a list of boats and people? Is there something such already that I'm unaware of? -=--Mason

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