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Re: soggy epoxy

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  • Ron Magen
    Dave, An old hand like you ADMITTING to such an error?!!? Anyhow, remember your epoxy chemistry. The hardener doesn t just initiate the reaction
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2009
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      An 'old hand' like you ADMITTING to such an error?!!?

      Anyhow, remember your epoxy chemistry. The 'hardener' doesn't just initiate
      the reaction {'catalyst'} it is an integral component of the final {active}

      Typically, once the reaction starts it will go on till completely cured . .
      . eventually !!! An elevated ambient temperature should pump energy into the
      'system'. A readily available 'curing oven' obviously not at hand, here's
      what I do {presuming that the hull is upside down} -
      a} Get maybe 6 Porcelain light bulb bases - maybe $2 each, and 6
      100w light bulbs.
      b} an 8-ft length of '2x4' {or longer -depending on the hull}. I use
      Pressure Treated
      c} wire the bases -in parallel- evenly spaced along the '2x { put an
      insulated layer or two of 'tin foil' under each base is you are
      the 'nervous type}
      d} leave as much wire as you are comfortable with - and install a

      To use, simply place it UNDER the hull {the hull being elevated on
      low 'horses, etc} and plug in the 'Heat Strip'. You can 'adjust' {or
      'localize'} the heat out-put by simply slightly unscrewing individual bulbs.

      Of course you can add a lot of 'bells & whistles', but this is about as
      'dead simple basic' as you can get. I find it very effective, in the winter,
      in an unheated shop.

      Regards & Good Luck,
      Ron Magen
      Backyard Boatshop

      4a. soggy epoxy
      Posted by: "dnjost" davidjost@... dnjost
      Date: Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:19 pm ((PDT))

      I must have mixed up a batch of System 3 incorrectly. 2:1 eyeballed...

      Now I have a soft gummy mix that is ever so slowly starting to set off 48
      hours later and still slightly gummy (I can sand, but not smooth). Has
      anyone else done this, and should I get out the scraper? Funny thing is
      that it was on the bottom, the sides came out perfect with the squeegee.

      David Jost

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