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[bolger] Re: Sprit Rig Hardware

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  • mmccracken@softcom.net
    Phil, I installed two bull s eyes on the aft corners of the rear deck. I secure one end of the double length (30 foot) mainsheet to one bull s eye, run the
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 29, 1999

      I installed two bull's eyes on the aft corners of the rear deck. I
      secure one end of the double length (30 foot) mainsheet to one bull's
      eye, run the line up through a small block on the boom and then down
      through the other bull's eye. It works well enough, though you can't
      sheet in to the center line of the boat. On occasions when I want to
      sail really close to the wind, I install a rope horse between the
      bull's eyes and tie a small block with becket in the middle of the

      The 2:1 purchase also makes sailing easier.

      The problem with installing a block on the rudder is that it is not a
      kick up rudder. When you fasten it down so the sail doesn't pull it
      up, you loose the ability to remove the rudder when running aground in
      shallow water. And that rudder runs fairly deep, about 2 ft.

      I got so tired of having the rudder pop out of the gudgeons while
      coming ashore, (Thereby losing control of the boat!) that I designed
      and built a kick up rudder. You're welcome to the plans if you like.
      I made the fixed upper portion from plywood and the lower movable
      portion of glass covered foam, but the lower portion of the original
      plywood rudder would work too.

      June Bug is a very good sailer if you keep the transom out of the
      water. This means you have to sit on the middle thwart if you are
      solo. I lashed a 3 ft. long hiking stick to the tiller so I could sit
      in the middle.

      If you haven't purchased your sail yet, I recommend ordering it from
      Dynamite Payson. It is a top quality sail at a reasonable price.

      > I am to the point with my June Bug that sailing hardware must be
      > ordered. Plans in the book (presumably same as the full size plans)
      > not show the method for leading the mainsheet. Holding the tiller in
      > one hand and the sheet in the other for more than a few minutes seems
      > quite undesirable. I do not intend to cleat the sheet, but if the
      > helmsman desires to hold sheet and tiller in one hand and leave one
      > hand free, it appears that he would need to run the sheet through a
      > block, or ring on the rudder head or through a block on a rope
      > across the stern. But I do not believe that a traveler of any type is
      > needed on a leg-o-mutton sprit boom rig.
      > Therefore, it appears that the best solution is a block or ring on the
      > rudder head and a device on the rudder to prevent pulling the pintles
      > out. What does experience say -- this is my first leg-o-mutton rig I
      > have sailed and will be the first time I'm skipper in 22 years. Does
      > anyone have some good solutions?
      > I know I must get a thimble and small cleat (4"?) for the snotter.
      > Ran into some rather poor quality bronze gudgeons and pintles from a
      > major distributor -- gudgeon holes aren't even straight/plumb.
      > However, Wilcox & Crittenden bronze oarlocks and sockets are very
      > Recommendations or other comments?
      > Phil Lea
      > Russellville, Arkansas
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