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AS-19 Plans

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  • nels
    Hey Graeme! I finally relocated the plans and they will be in the mail shortly. What happened was I wanted to get a stronger envelope to mail them in (tyvek of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2009
      Hey Graeme!

      I finally relocated the plans and they will be in the mail shortly.

      What happened was I wanted to get a stronger envelope to mail them in
      (tyvek of course:-) and I also wanted to copy the bit about how the mast
      step was designed, for future reference. Then it seems they got mixed in
      with some other incoming mail and stored away with it. Just found them
      this morning.

      They are legal plans - never used - and purchased from Bernie Wolfard
      when he was still paying his royalty fees to PCB.

      I noticed you made reference to the design MAIB write-ups at the Bolger
      group. In the one article Phil mentions something about the bow opening
      being too wide which is kind of funny since when Michalak designed a
      similar hull based on the AS19 and called Jukebox, Phil chided him that
      it was just too ugly and the bow opening too wide so Jim "sleeked it up"
      and redesigned it as Jukebox2.


      I actually prefer it as it has the same cockpit design as Micro (with
      the hatch over the footwell) making it self-draining when on a trailer
      and more room inside. A day-sailer like the AS-19 that weighs 2100 lb on
      the trailer seems a bit excessive in my view. Plus I prefer Jim's
      leeboard design.

      When I ordered the plans I paid the extra $10 to get the Jukebox3 which
      has the option of stand-up pilothouse. I paid $35 for the plans directly
      from Jim. Susanne wantst $210 for the AS19. I think I paid a lot under
      $100 from Bernie so good luck Susanne!

      I also have FC2 plans which have a good design for a tabernacle so never
      did copy the one on the AS19.


      If you feel like some sort of compensation I am going to order some
      woobo plans.


      So if you want to send me a money order for $20 in US funds I will put
      that towards them. You will notice that the hull cross-section is very
      similar to FC2, having narrow bilge panels which to me take care of the
      sea-of-peas eddying effect of a flat bottom while still allowing a
      fairly good flat bottom area to sleep on. But of course the build is
      more complicated and S&G as well. I think this hull design would
      probably pound less when motoring as well. I was not taken with that
      hull shape when it first appeared, now I think it is a good compromise
      and looks rather sleek to my eye.

      FC2 to me is may be a good compromise day sailor and overnight camp
      cruiser for two people. I would consider a smaller main plus a mizzen.

      My next decision is a new 4-stroke motor. Of course the 2.5 hp Tohatsu
      is maybe all one needs for these designs but I would like to have an
      alternator and a remote fuel tank and the smallest motor with those
      goodies is the 4 HP. But then you are looking at 26 Kg as compared to
      18.5 but also an increase in displacement of about 33%. At 26 Kg I am
      not sure one could off-set the motor as many of Jim's designs call for.
      Better to offset the tiller probably?


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