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Re: [bolger] Stretched Gypsy Launched

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    She begs for a sail. I agree the boat looks great stretched. bruce in nj ... From: adventures_in_astrophotography To:
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      She begs for a sail. I agree the boat looks great stretched.

      bruce in nj

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      As mentioned previously, we launched the stretched Gypsy on Memorial Day last week. The boat was stretched 25% over the original design by lofting the prefabricated panels at 15" station spacing instead of 12". The stem was stretched out by the same amount. The transom and all other bulkheads were lofted to the original outside dimensions. The boat was decked fore and aft, and given 9" wide side decks. The side decks allowed replacing the central bulkhead of the original with short web frames to clear the cockpit.

      It's a touring/fishing rowboat with holds for dry stowage of camping gear. I added a forward rowing position to make room for my dog or a human passenger. With just the dog, the trim would have been bow-heavy, so I put a 4-gallon water jug in the aft hold and that leveled everything out nicely. Havent tried it with a passenger yet. Many thanks to whomever in this group recommended the Driftmaster rod holders a few years ago. I have mounts for them on practically every boat now, and they really work well for us.

      Clunky navigation as usual on my site. Let me know if you find any errors.

      I'm still hoping to build a sliding seat for her using roller blade frames.

      Jon Kolb

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