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Re: [bolger] Daddy can build me a boat

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  • Jim Michaels
    Kids like that are our hope for the future.  Good work, Dad. ... From: Brian Fackrell Subject: Re: [bolger] Daddy can build me a boat
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      Kids like that are our hope for the future.  Good work, Dad.

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      Subject: Re: [bolger] Daddy can build me a boat
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      Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 8:31 PM

      While driving past a brand new boat dealer, My son eight year old looked over and said Dad why would you buy a boat If you can build one yourself.

      From the mouths of Children. What a legacy in a time of plastic boats.


      Windsprint and Diablo Builder

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      Subject: [bolger] Daddy can build me a boat

      Offered in commemoration of Phil C. Bolger

      Some of you may already know that in October of 2007 we bought a Catalina 38 and then spent Jan Fed and Mar 09 in FLA and the Bahamas. Then in April of 09, with help of a Bolger lister, I brought the boat back to Montauk. Last Sumer we spent another 5 weeks living on the boat.

      The decission to buy the boat came in a moment of Bolgeresque clarity, which is to say I realized that my fantasy (a big boat I build myself) was getting in the way of an achievable reality (going and doing it already by means of an offshore capable boat big enough for me and my family available at a discount price)

      If I haven't posted already, photos of our adventure here:

      http://www.flickr com/photos/ 22110153@ N03/page24/

      We have just put her back in the water after her Winter slumber on the hard, and with the stretch of good weather I had all the hatches open letting her air out. I just had my wife run me down to close her up. When I got back to shore, this is what she told me:

      "While we were back at the house, guess what Emily told me?" Emily is our second daughter, three years old.

      "I don't know," I replied.

      "Emily said, "I want a boat," and I said "You do?" and she said, "Daddy could build me one, he has lots of tools at the house."

      Indeed, at least half of my tools, and most of my expertise in using them was developed in making boats. From there I've expanded to putting holes in my house and filing them with patio doors, building decks, fences, benches, and anything else that can be made from wood. That's no small thing out here, where paying someone to do those sorts of thing costs a pretty penny. Our house is more gracious, our life is more gracious, as a result of boat building, and for that I have Phil Bolger to thank.



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