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RE: [bolger] Monhegan Friendship

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  • John and Kathy Trussell
    I got hooked on traditional boats when I saw a profile drawing of Monhegan in a Motorboating and Sailing magazine in the early 70 s. I subsequently ordered a
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 9, 2009
      I got hooked on traditional boats when I saw a profile drawing of Monhegan
      in a "Motorboating and Sailing" magazine in the early 70's. I subsequently
      ordered a portfolio of plans from PCB which included Monhegan. With the
      addition of a few more designs and an essay on each design, the portfolio
      became Small Boats. As much as I lusted after the lovely Monhegan, I saw a
      picture of one in the 'Launchings' section of "Woodenboat" in the late 70's
      or early '80's. It was apparent from the picture and crew that Monhegan is
      a big model of a Freindship and is too small for normal sized adults to sail
      in (similar to the very pretty but too small Cape Dory Typhoon). Even with
      the simplified concrete ballast, Monhegan is a pretty complicated and
      expensive shape. If you want a small keel boat, I think PCB's Yarrow might
      be a better choice. But I still think Monhegan is the prettiest boat PCB
      ever drew.



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      I'm trying to get the plans for the 18' Monhegan. I've faxed and mailed PB &
      H and haven't gotten a response. Anybody have a set of plans they'd part

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