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Re: Bolger Part 2 & Plywood Dovekie

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  • graeme19121984
    ... Though I m sure Gary was welcome, there was a microphone present, it was an interview to be broadcast to the mass of people concerned with Bolger s
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 15, 2009
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "builtaboat" <builtaboat@...> wrote:
      > The second part of the Bolger interview is up on the Furled Sails site.

      Though I'm sure Gary was welcome, there was a microphone present, it was an interview to be broadcast to the mass of people concerned with Bolger's thoughts on boatbuilding, design, things in that vein... PB&F conversing in their home, not quite at home. Susanne being mostly silent has been mentioned. Nevertheless I think there is a glimpse of Bolger in ordinary conversation at home where at one point PCB leapt from Dynamite's writing to Roosevelt's writing to his saving the Republic due to the character attribute of being undaunted if not deep. I'm sure PCB could/would have authoritatively held forth on these off topic things (and perhaps their relevance to current times?) save for awareness of the microphone and checking himself (perhaps a signal from Susanne reminded him).

      Re the plywood Dovekie coincidently featured in MAIB this month: is this the earliest (only) PCB wooden slot top cuddy design? Would Jim Michalak have seen these plans early on? The design seems reminiscent to me of many of JM's slot topped cuddy sharpies. How many designs for plywood after this one, #344, before PCB dispensed with flaring sides? (The thinking around #399 Wish II, let alone #400 June Bug, seems well formed, and so perhaps other squareness-tending designs occur within this gap.)

      It seems like Gary Lepak was on the right track when he used a section of strip planking to round the join between the dead flat bottom and slab topsides of his Bufflehead design (recently sold, I believe)


      I'm not well qualified to say, but this strip planking method Gary used to gain the small radius turn Bolger says does the trick for the flat bottomed boat, such as the Dovekie and the O'day, doesn't seem like a lot of extra, nor terribly technical work. Also, there are specialist bendy plywoods that might do the job easily - though they're costly, not much is required.

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