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  • echo172@comcast.net
    You have given me a great idea and I will mock up a plane trim tab in a sponson shape. The effect will lengthen the boat and lift the stern. I was told by the
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      You have given me a great idea and I will mock up a plane trim tab in a sponson shape. The effect will lengthen the boat and lift the stern. I was told by the coast guard to use a tiller exetension and sit midship when fishing alone. I added a passenger and she was lifted under power so the fix needs to be at the stern. I thought to add a seabright pod but I use the boat for rowing and will add a sail soon. The removable trim idea is the best until I build another boat. I have adjusted the trim of the motor to the extreme setting and it still lifted and made a wild rooster tail under power, went nowhere, made a huge wake and still lifted the bow.
      Thanks for the idea, I like it.
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      From: "mark hamill" <mhamill1@...>
      > Three things I have done on a Y stern freighter canoes to solve a
      > similar problem were:
      > 1 buy a Doelfin plane blade for the outboard motor lower end. The
      > copycat ones are cheaper--about $13 cdn. This workeked very well on
      > my former 23 foot and that was all I needed for that boat.
      > 2. add weight to the bow in the form of 5 gallon water jugs--2 worked
      > great on the 17 foot.
      > 3. On the 17 foot I later used a Thailand type--(remember James Bond)
      > Dragon tail motor and glassed in a planing board on each side at an
      > angle--the effect of which you could duplicate by adding a simple
      > trim tab each side of the engine that could be removed after use. It
      > has to be mounted so it does not move up but that is easy to do.
      > Personally, I would start with the weight formard, then the Doelfin,
      > then the trim tabs. None of these boats had any rocker so I am not
      > sure how they would work on rockered boats.
      > Cheers, Mark
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, echo172@... wrote:
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      > > I am considering a design of a power pod to attach to my rowboat.
      > The pod would be held via the transom and motor with skeg attachments
      > to tie the unit to the hull. The idea is to add to the boat two
      > sponsons to reduce the rocker and mimick a hydroplane. It is only for
      > planing and not intended for high speed as the motor is only 6 hp. I
      > would use foam and ply covering for the prototype. This is due to the
      > nose high attitude my boat has under power, which is way overpowered
      > at 6 hp. Does anyone have any knowledge or insight into such a
      > modification?
      > > The pod would mount against the transom as it would be pushed
      > against the transom by the motor. The idea was spawned by some
      > hydrofoil sailboats and my previous RC outrigger hydro. It seems like
      > a easy to do project but I cringe at surface area calculation to make
      > the sponsons right so uncovered trial and error foam will be tried.
      > > Bruce in NJ
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