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Re: Longest voyage in a MICRO

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  • Bill
    Sam, The longest web-documented voyage in a micro I know of is Roger Keye s voyage to Kangaroo Island, in S. Australia. Roger s account of the voyage is
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 21, 2008
      The longest web-documented voyage in a micro I know of is Roger Keye's
      voyage to Kangaroo Island, in S. Australia. Roger's account of the
      voyage is located in one of the Yahoo Bolger groups as a .pdf
      document. He spent about a week (perhaps 2?) sailing singlehanded,
      heaving-to at night at sea, and somtimes anchoring/drying out on the
      beach. Impressive feat for anyone, no less a Micro. His account is an
      excellent read in part because Roger is a talented writer. Roger is
      in his 70s and has cruised his micro extensively.

      The Ziegler's (sp?), in Alaska, lived aboard their modified Long Micro
      Zoon (it had lee boards in place of the keel) for years, and only
      built a larger boat b/c they couldn't carry provisions for more than
      one month at a time. At the time they were also living aboard with
      their dog. Their interview on the Furled Sails podcast is informative.

      Chebacco news has a nice comparison of Chebacco, Micro, and Long Micro.
      The page presents the numbers and short descriptions of what they
      mean. BTW Micro's displacement to length ratio of 400 indiactes a
      relatively heavy boat by Bolger standards.

      Micros are great boats and will serve the majority of cruisers and
      sailors well. Fnacy-pants social climbers should build a Long Micro.

      Bill in Ohio
      Long Micro Pugnacious

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "samang251" <samang251@...> wrote:
      > What has been the longest voyage to date in a MICRO? What does this
      > mean: D/L 400
      > Sam
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