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Agent Plans for Bolger Micro (rip-off not?)

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  • graeme19121984
    Over on the boat building Message Board at Instant Boats, in the Micro thread, it seems that Mr Bolger has not only been left with the responsibility of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2008
      Over on the boat building Message Board at Instant Boats, in the
      Micro thread, it seems that Mr Bolger has not only been left with the
      responsibility of causing the Duck Flat Wooden Boats and Common Sense
      Designs plans rip-off "mess" but is also left with sole
      responsibility of sorting out the "mess" now. This seems to be the
      flipside of any usual moral or legal reasoning: like if someone
      steals my car and sells it on and I then locate it, then tough for me
      as the buyer gets to keep it as they likely paid someone for it; and
      further, if the buyer knows there is likely something wrong with the
      provenance, then that's just too bad until the likely rightful owner
      hears and comes begging halfway round the world to initiate a
      favourable (to whom?) resolution.
      ( http://instantboats.com/phpBB3/ clickon <The Micro> thread)

      Furthermore, the feeling at Instant Boats message board seems that
      it's all a "mess" for Bolger to sort - poor old Duck Flat Wooden
      Boats are just honest plan (re)selling incidental third party
      victims, if at all. The matter is between Bolger and whomever, but
      not concerning Instant Boats or Dynamite Payson as the plans in
      question are those supposed once legally marketed by CSD. If not any
      longer an employee, Mr Storer, no doubt a good bloke, continues in a
      working arrangement with Duck Flat Wooden Boats. Little if any
      account is taken of the facts: that Bolger has published his position
      on the matter; that Bolger has attempted to resolve the matters
      through the courts of the USA at large expense; that the dodgy Bolger
      plan reselling businesses were relocated internationally beyond USA
      commercial jurisprudence; that Bolger is 81, indignant, and
      understandably quite disgusted by those who may disabuse him; nor
      that a high proportion of the plans are those also marketed by
      Instant Boats and not CSD! How did Duck Flat get the licensed Instant
      Boats plans, and how anyway does that not concern Harold Payson?


      Bolger Diablo @ AUD $100.00
      Bolger Chebacco @ AUD $160.00
      Bolger Cartopper @ AUD $100.00
      Bolger Big Dory @ AUD $160.00 (this one only perhaps in the 1992
      CSD Book, and is also the Instant Boats Long Dory??)

      http://www.duckflatwoodenboats.com/index.php clickon <Plans>

      CSD Plans Book index

      You'd have to be a mug to purchase plans from Duck Flat that are
      available from Instant Boats. Altogether, including international
      postage, Western Union international money order fees, and currency
      conversion mark up, the price is still nearly double the cost to the
      builder for the plans above if bought direct from PB&F, and even more
      costly if not bought from Instant Boats!

      Cripes, some of the other Duck Flats non Instant Boats "Bolger" plans
      are even available off the net for less at CSB! But we know CSB are
      Bolger rip-offs. Is Duckflat an approved agent for PB&F? When did
      they last remit a royalty?

      You might not be a mug though to get your plans this way. You may
      just be blissfully ignorant. Duck Flat advertise plans in Oz print
      media, always, whereas Payson, Instant Boats and PB&F are invisible.
      (In print, Duck Flat advertise the other designers' plans they have,
      but not Bolger's. Why? [see Bolger on Bolger link]). Wooden Boat
      magazine doesn't circulate much, nor SCA or the UK ones, and MAIB not
      at all. The name "Bolger" is known a little, mostly pretty vaguely
      though, and I've never seen nor heard of the PB&F contact details for
      plans purchases, commissions, & etc, save for one Bolger letter to an
      editor in reply to a ludicrous but caustic attack from
      another "designer".

      The prices quoted at the Duck Flat site for other listed designers'
      plans seem in accord with the prices for those listed elsewhere. Is
      this another clue?

      Some overseas designers and plans/kit businesses (UK) had a shake-
      out last year of some unapproved Australasian/Oceania agents (not
      DFWB this time, but close), and they continue to advertise this. An
      interesting point about that is that some of the Australian parties
      benefitting from the shakeout - now advertising the non-payment of
      designer royalties caused the shake-out of the no longer authorised
      agents, now warning of the risk of dealing with unauthorised agents,
      and now picking up the restructured plans agencies kit sales
      business - were themselves principal players at Duck Flat in those
      remote "poor-messy-bolger" years through the 90's until very recent
      years. I could call a spade a spade. I'll just say here that
      something about planks and removing motes in the eye before throwing
      stones in your residential glasshouse comes to mind.


      PS. See
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